Celebrating Father’s Day with Gifts for Dad

gifts for dad

By the numbers, there are approximately 71 million Dads in the United States. About 25 million of them have children under age 18, and just under 2 million are single dads.  We’ve been celebrating Father’s Day officially for 51 years (it was established by Lyndon Johnson in 1966), and Hallmark tells us that 74 million Father’s Day cards will be purchased and exchanged.

But buried in all those numbers is one very special father – yours! When it comes to go look for gifts for Dad, we suggest stopping by Central Square florist, or browsing our online Father’s Day gift collection. After all, he probably doesn’t need another necktie or phone charger. Let us help you to find a gift he will really enjoy.  Continue reading

Patriotic Flowers for Memorial Day Remembrance

patriotic flowers

There are some days of the calendar year that carry more weight than others. On Monday, May 29, we celebrate a deeply meaningful day both for the country and for many people personally. Memorial Day asks us to pause and remember those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy.

Dating back to the Civil War, this observance is a part of the fabric of America. Central Square Florist is privileged to assist you in honoring friends and loved ones on this day.  Continue reading

Spring Peonies Create Luxurious Arrangements

spring peonies

Everyone has a favorite flower, but for many, that flower is the peony. And since the bloom is most commonly available in the late spring to early summer, now is the time to fill your home with this lush, luxurious flower. Spring peonies are in at Central Square Florist, and they are gorgeous!

Whether looking to send birthday wishes or congratulate a graduate, the peony is an elegant choice. But we wouldn’t blame you for ordering some just because – like you, we love these seasonal flowers.  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gifts Chosen Just for Her

Mother's Day giftsEvery mother deserves a great gift on Mother’s Day – but since every mom is different, the perfect gift may take many different forms. The best way to choose a Mother’s Day gift is to select something that reflects her passions and interests while adding in a bit of sentimentality. Here are some suggestions from the staff at Central Square Florist  – hopefully, these will inspire you to find a great gift of your own.
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Delivering Flowers & Love to Mom

delivering flowers

Mothers and gorgeous flowers just seem to go together. And to prepare for Mother’s Day – celebrated on May 14 – Central Square Florist has all of the beautiful bouquets and vibrant floral designs that you’ll need. No matter your mother’s personality or style you are bound to find the perfect arrangement in our Mother’s Day collection. And you can trust us to take care of everything from start to finish. After all, we’ve been delivering flowers throughout Cambridge and Boston since 1929 – we know how to make Mom smile!

Did You Know? The first Mother’s Day in America was celebrated in 1908, although a similar holiday had been celebrated for centuries in the UK.  Continue reading