Boston Sports Celebrations and Parties

Boston Sports
One of the best and most traditional ways to celebrate your team’s season is getting together with family and friends to watch the big game. The Red Sox clinching their division is making for an exciting October, and let’s face it – parties make the entire journey a lot more fun. But baseball isn’t all there is to love this month, as the Patriots are playing now as well. One thing is for sure,  when we all get together there is likely to be fun, fandom and food  – and decorating the buffet table with team colors is a great way to celebrate the team spirit. At Central Square Florist, we love to design custom arrangements that will bring all of this seasonal enthusiasm to your party.

Boston sports
Cheer on the Red Sox
– Red and white carnations, red and white roses, red and white gerbera daisies – there are plenty of ways to add the team colors to your party. Just let our floral designers know, and we will create a bouquet worthy of post-season play.

Patriots Forever – Just add a blue ribbon or some blue delphinium and your bouquet becomes a homage to our Pats. These floral arrangements will bring the team spirit to your game day gathering, not to mention look beautiful long after the game is over.

Here’s a Tip – Add a little pizzazz to boring game day snacks with gourmet fruit, snack and chocolate baskets!

By the end of October, Boston sports get even better, as basketball and hockey suit up to start their season. Stunning arrangements in Boston sportswhite and green are the perfect accompaniment to welcoming a new Celtic season, while the dramatic gold and black of the Bruins makes for a stunning centerpiece for the buffet.

This season, add Boston team colors to your party with custom floral arrangements. If you are planning the get-together, these celebratory flowers will add a festive touch. If you have been invited to someone else’s home for the party, bring your hostess a gift to thank them for their hospitality. Get creative, add bows and balloons, enjoy the party! Because here in Boston, sharing our passion for sports with those we love is a way of life. You can trust the floral designers at Central Square Florist to create unique and memorable game day decor that will showcase your team spirit.

Central Square Florist is located in Cambridge and is proud to deliver to the greater Boston area. Call to see if we can deliver to your party!

Natural Design with Wild Accents

wild accents

Floral design is an artistic discipline all its own. Far from simply placing flowers in a vase, true design requires in-depth knowledge of color and texture, as well as how the aesthetics of each element contributes to the overall beauty of the piece. When you are looking for bouquets and arrangements that rise above the ordinary, your first call should be to Central Square Florist. Our experts are dedicated to combining unique details, bothe subtle and bold, to deliver the most exquisite designs in Boston and Cambridge. wild accents

Wild accents are often used to achieve a sophisticated and dramatic aesthetic. For instance, river rocks and exposed stem and root systems exude the organic beauty of nature; and curly willow adds movement and interest to an otherwise linear arrangement. Berries and foliage add splashes of color and a textural contrast to the flowers.

Bamboo stems add a geometric element to these tropical designs, while palm fronds, leaves, and berries accentuate the focal bloom of the piece. Orchids, lilies or birds or paradise, any flower benefits from being arranged among wild accents. wild accents

Succulents are popular wild accents often designed with orchids and roses. However, although these versatile plants may function as a detail in the greater arrangement, they also stand alone very well on their own. There are so many varieties of succulent that they play off each other to create a striking display that simultaneously expresses uniformity and diversity.

wild accents

The addition of wild accents in any bouquet or arrangement adds just the right amount of flair – sophisticated, elegant, whimsical or rustic. From grasses and twigs to gourds, thistles and kale – our floral designers utilize beautiful flowers and intriguing accents to create true works of art. Whatever your upcoming occasion, you can trust Central Square Florist with all the beautiful details.

Rosh Hashanah Traditions

rosh hashanah traditions

Rosh Hashanah means “first of the year” in the Hebrew language, and is also known as the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah traditions may differ slightly around the globe, but the significant meaning of the holiday is unchanging. The holiday is meant for repentance and self-reflection, looking ahead to a new beginning in the new year. The day is characterized by a day of prayer in the synagogue, and celebrating with loved ones over a meal in the evening. To wish friends and family L’Shana Tovah (a good new year)  – either right here in Cambridge  or across the miles- make the call to order a floral arrangement from Central Square Florist.

rosh hashanah traditions
While Rosh Hashanah doesn’t officially designate a representative color, white traditionally signifies purity and a new beginning, which is appropriate for the meaning behind both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which takes place 10 days later. White is elegant and classic; you can select lilies, roses, orchids, or hydrangea for a sophisticated floral design. You may also choose to add blue elements – delphinium, iris or hydrangea – as in the Jewish culture, blue represents divinity.

There are many customs and traditions surrounding the observance of Rosh Hashanah. The holiday is considered a high holy day, and is an important day on the Jewish calendar.

  • The shofar is made from a ram’s horn and is played in a similar way to a trumpet. One of the most significant traditions of this holiday is hearing the blowing of the shofar while at the synagogue. Although the history of the custom is not recorded in the scriptures, most believe the shofar’s sound is a call to repentance.
  • Work is forbidden on Rosh Hashanah, and the majority of the day is spent at the synagogue in prayer. Thererosh hashanah traditions is a specific set of prayers, contained in a prayer book known as the machzor.
  • When friends and family gather for a celebratory meal, it often includes fresh challah bread and apples, both consumed after being dipped in honey. The honey signifies the hope for a coming  “sweet year”.
  • A special blessing is said over two loaves of braided challah bread, representing the two portions of manna given to the children of Israel in the desert.If you cannot be with loved ones on Rosh Hashanah, you may want to consider sending a bouquet to let them know how much they mean to you. Call Central Square Florist to discuss which flowers you would like to include, and we’ll take care of everything. L’Shana Tovah to all of our Jewish friends and neighbors!

Celebrate Homecoming with Flowers


Homecoming has been an annual tradition since the early 1900s, and the events of the weekend haven’t changed much in over a century. Most homecomings are planned around a central event, usually a football game – with other weekend activities including senior nights, pep rallies, dances, parades, and often, the presentation of the homecoming court and the coronation of a Homecoming King or Queen. Homecoming flowers play a major role throughout all the festivities –  they are given to the homecoming court, worn by those attending a formal dance, and presented to honor moms and special teachers. From wristlet to boutonniere, Central Square Florist has the beautiful formal flowers you’ll be looking for.


The Football Game: Often during these events, the senior football players and cheerleaders are honored as they participate in their last season before graduation. Corsages and wristlets are also sometimes given to the mothers of the students being recognized.

The Homecoming Dance: Wristlets can be arranged on a variety of wristlet bands, from ribbons to pearls; and boutonnieres can be designed to match the young lady’s corsage.


The King and Queen’s Court: It is also traditional to present each member of the court with a bouquet or nosegay to carry, with the Queen customarily receiving the largest bouquet. Many schools choose roses, but the bouquets can also be designed to exhibit school colors. If your high school or university is having an event that you need custom arrangements for, give us a call! We’ll use your school colors as inspiration and create beautiful formal flowers.

Whatever your scheduled events, flowers make every occasion more special – and in Cambridge, the place for all your homecoming and formal flower needs is Central Square Florist.

The New Fall Colors Have Arrived

fall flowers

Is there anything more beautiful than Cambridge in the fall? The bright autumn colors, the crisp cool air – we’ve been waiting all summer for this. From harvest festivals to apple picking to pumpkin spice lattes, we love everything about this season, especially the warm and hospitable fall flowers that are in bloom. At Central Square Flowers, we have designed the seasonal bouquets and arrangements that will celebrate this vivid and bright time of year. fall colors

Vibrant yellow and orange gerbera daisies, roses and lilies combine in this cheerful bouquet that exudes the spirit of fall. As the days get a little grayer outside, this sunny arrangement will bring the outdoors in and bring cozy ambiance to your home. If you are looking for something unique and different for your home decor, this arrangement overflowing with lavish roses, lilies, hydrangea and orange pincushion protea offers a feast for the eyes. fall colors

Some of the more elegant fall colors include magenta. deep red and ivories; the Fall Fantasia bouquet showcases this sophisticated color palette compliments of graceful lilies and roses. For upscale decor in a home or office, this floral design makes a striking statement.

fall colors

So many things about autumn make us smile, and these beautiful flowers are at the top of the list. Bring some of Boston’s most gorgeous fall colors into your home with a floral design from Central Square Florist.