Using Flowers to Decorate for Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesImagine your ideal summer evening, and it is likely that it involves being outdoors. With the beautiful weather upon us; and the sunshine lingering for a few extra hours in the evening, it’s no wonder we daydream about spending more time outside. Flowers and lush greenery are synonymous with the summer months, so it is only fitting that they be a part of your outdoor décor during this season.

outdoor partiesAlthough some spend their spring planting lavish gardens and cultivating flower beds in their yards, many of us simply don’t have the time or the space to take on such a task. However, with the help of Central Square Florist, your home, patio and backyard picnic tables can all be adorned with fresh blooms, flowering plants and greenery this summer. Arranging outdoor plants in baskets and placing them around your outdoor space is a great way to create an instant garden, and includes the added benefit of being able to rearrange the décor at will.

When planning an outdoor gathering, whether a family barbecue or a formal dinner party – fresh flowers make a bold and beautiful statement that brings all the beauty of nature right to your table. Bud vases with orchids beautifully grace a tea party, sunflowers and daisies brighten up a picnic, and flowering bushes make an outdoor seating area more elegant. Outdoor entertaining is easy when you create a backdrop of flowers that match the theme and ambiance.

outdoor partiesFrom hanging baskets on the wrap-around porch to potted plants lining your sprawling wood deck – Central Square Florist has hundreds of ways to turn your outdoor entertaining space into a gorgeous area to meet, chat or eat. This summer, decorate your home and yard with flowers, then relax and enjoy the weather.

Graduation Flowers and Gifts

graduation flowersCaps, gowns, diplomas and huge smiles abound this time of year. As graduation season approaches, anticipation fills the hearts of the students; just as their family and friends are filled with pride. For all the studying, late nights, and countless papers these students have poured their time and energy into, it is only fitting to show them that their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Whether they are graduating from elementary school or receiving a doctorate, a diploma is something to celebrate; and the gift of flowers is the perfect way to acknowledge their success.

graduation flowersAlthough words in a greeting card may seem cliché, you still want to communicate to your students how proud you are. Did you know that flowers speak a language all their own? By choosing flowers with inherent symbolism that is appropriate for graduation, you are not only providing a beautiful gift but a meaningful one as well. For instance, the Beauteous Celebration bouquet is a lavish bouquet perfect for a momentous occasion – lavender roses represent respect and admiration, and by simply adding some purple iris, you will give acknowledgment to their wisdom.

graduation flowersIn the United States, there are an estimated 6 million students that will walk across the stage to graduate this spring. From the Middle Ages, this has been considered a reverent occasion. As a matter of fact, the caps and gowns we still wear today can be directly correlated to that era; when the only institution of learning was the Church. The religious robes and flat clerical hats worn by students then is still a tradition today. Another tradition that never goes out of style is expressing sentiments of love and pride through floral arrangements. When honoring your graduate, roses speak volumes – use orange roses to say “I’m proud of you”; yellow roses to show esteem and pink roses to express your heartfelt admiration.

graduation flowersAt Central Square Florist, we as just as excited about celebrating accomplishments as you are! For graduations, birthdays or any other occasion that may arise this spring, our Boston floral experts can help you craft an arrangement that perfectly reflects how amazing they are.

May Birthdays- Choose Green Flowers

may birthdaysCoveted by royalty and wealthiest of individuals throughout history, emeralds have always been a sought after gemstone. As early as 330 B.C., Egyptians were mining these precious gems; the vibrant green stone is iconic for its color and beauty.

Just as spring symbolizes renewal and rebirth, so does this birthstone of May.

may birthdaysFor the friends and family born in May, the emerald is the traditional gift. However, if giving this rare and precious stone is not in the cards this year, sending floral arrangements inspired by the shade can be. When thinking of gifts that exhibit the color green, lush plants and trees come to mind; but what you may not know is that there are plenty of flowers that are also grown in this hue. Roses, lilies, hydrangeas and many more blooms are found in various shades of green; with perhaps the most popular choice being the exotic cymbidium orchid.

may birthdaysThe most valuable emeralds on the market are the ones that exude a clear, rich and vibrant deep green color; although emeralds do occur in shades from yellow-green to blue-green. It is extremely uncommon to find stones of perfect caliber. Therefore, many of the gems on the market have been enhanced in some way to improve their quality. Here at Central Square Florist, our greenery is bold and naturally beautiful. Celebrate the Emerald birthdays in your life with a dish garden, terrarium, succulent garden or potted plant that will not only bring a splash of green into their environment, but it is known to enhance air quality, productivity, and well-being.may birthdays

Emeralds are found in 29 countries, but they don’t naturally occur here in Boston. But you can be sure that beautiful green flowers and lavish natural greenery is never lacking at Central Square Florist!

The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day 2016

mother's dayAs Mother’s Day approaches, and we think about the meaning of the day – it is interesting to note that throughout countless centuries and cultures, there are records of observances and celebrations to honor the women who bring us life. From the first woman created in the Bible (Eve means ‘mother of all living”), through ancient civilizations, mothers are given special recognition.

mother's dayAlthough many countries celebrate the “American version” of Mothers’ Day, some do not. For instance, in Ireland, their tradition stems from a local Christian holiday, “Mothering Sunday”. On this day, believers were called to make a pilgrimage back to their home “mother” church on the last Sunday of Lent. At some point, the day changed to include honoring one’s mother as well. In Thailand, the reigning queen’s birthday is the day in which children celebrate Mothers’ Day. Queen Sirikrit’s birthday is on August 12, and therefore that is the day of the holiday.

mother's dayFlowers have a distinct language and have inherent symbolism; a fact that may not be common knowledge. Pink roses, for instance, symbolize appreciation, as do pink calla lilies. The Iris expresses recognition of wisdom and courage, and orchids are known to represent beauty and grace. Flowers are a traditional gift on Mothers’ Day; but this year, when you choose the floral bouquet for the women in your life, make it extra meaningful by including information in a handwritten note about why you chose each bloom. They will love learning about the qualities that you admire them for, and it makes a floral arrangement a truly special gift.

mother's dayAt Central Square Florist, we have a heart for all the mothers – and those who have stepped in to be mothers – that have poured their heart and soul into loving, supporting and teaching us. This May, show your Mom how much gratitude you have for her, with a specially designed arrangement just for her. Mother’s Day is May 8, so don’t delay!

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

administrative professionalsA successful business doesn’t only thrive because of the executive board, but because of every person who answers a phone, books an appointment or handles customer concerns on a daily basis. This April 27 is National Administrative Professionals Day and gives you the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the members of the team who may not always get the credit they deserve.

Administrative professionals are often the very first colleagues to greet us with a smile before the workday even begins. They are integral to making sure the office runs like clockwork; while also acknowledging customers and answering to the big boss. Administrative Professionals Day is not observed as a national holiday. However, many organizations choose to set this day aside to say thank you to their most indispensable employees. Is there is someone in your office who you think deserves a little extra recognition this month?

administrative professionalsIncredibly, bringing plants and flowers into an office workspace actually improves the mood and productivity for everyone. A gift of living greenery is a meaningful way to show the administrative professionals just how much they are appreciated.

administrative professionalsThe experts at Central Square Florist look forward to helping you choose the best flowers for every occasion, including Administrative Professionals Day. If your office is small and productive, a bamboo plant or money tree is known to bring wealth and prosperity. For a highly professional corporate environment, try for orchids; an upscale office environment would be an ideal setting for a striking bouquet of mixed spring florals.

This April 27th, Boston businesses will be celebrating all those support personnel who make a difference every day – how about yours? Order something truly beautiful from Central Square Florist today.