Making Summer Memories

summer flowersAs you think of summer what kinds of memories come to mind? Maybe you have thoughts of heading out to the beach, long walks in the park, or picnics in your backyard. For many of us, the summertime is all about getting outside, spending time with loved ones, and truly enjoying ourselves. Taking it easy is not always something we’re good at as a culture, but this season we want to remind you that taking some time to just have a little fun is good for you! So this summer, let’s all make it a priority to make the most of this time and remember how special summer is.

Getting yourself a gift to kick off the season might not be your first thought, but surrounding yourself with color and beauty is a great way to bring joy and vitality to your home or office, The floral experts at Central Square Florist we have a passion for flowers, and a deep knowledge of the summer flowers that will change your décor and the ambiance of your home – while not costing a lot of money! By choosing the right summer flowers that grow in abundance this time of year, we can create gorgeous bouquets you will love.

summer flowersOne of the most popular flowers of the season is the beautiful hydrangea – and although it is often used as a backdrop to showcase other floral superstars, summer is the time for them to stand out from the crowd. Coming in a wide variety of cool colors including whites, greens, violets and blues, these blooms are light and airy; and atop your picnic tables or on your buffet stations, the hydrangea brings a soft country feel. When throwing an outdoor barbecue or dinner party, try creating a space that is entertaining and welcoming, with the seasonal hydrangea as the star.

Don’t miss out of a minute of fun this year – embrace all the summer has to offer! Stop in and speak with one of Central Square Florist’s expert floral designers, who can capture your personality and vision, and turn it into an artistic arrangement that makes for ideal summer memories.

Make Father’s Day a Day to Remember

father's dayFather’s Day is quickly approaching; with June 19th right around the corner, your window of opportunity to find Dad the perfect gift is also closing. Each year since 1972, this day dedicated to fathers has been celebrated in the United States – and it seems that many of us struggle each year to find something original that will make Dad smile. At Central Square Florist, we like to think we have taken that burden off of you, by creating whimsical and personalized gifts sure to make an impression on dear ole’ Dad.

For the patriarch who loves classic cars and the roar of the automotive engine, a day spent at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline would be an awesome opportunity to spend quality time on this special day. Bring Dad to see America’s Oldest Car Collection, and watch his enthusiasm grow as he indulges in one of his favorite pastimes. This exhibit showcases some of the unique and interesting vintage vehicles in all the country, resulting in an outing that Dad will not soon forget. End your day by giving him a keepsake gift to remind him of your time together. The Central Square ’65 Ford Mustang Bouquet will sit proudly atop his desk, and serve as a great memory of the day.

father's dayDo the Boston Red Sox run in dad’s blood? If so, there is a home game at Fenway Park on Father’s Day, and Dad would probably love a day at the battlefield! This year, the Father’s Day game is against the Mariners; but if it’s not possible to make it out to the stadium, then perhaps settling in to watch the game at home will be a great substitute. And who needs stadium food, when you can snack on our incredible Deluxe Fruit and Gourmet Food Basket?

father's dayAs Boston’s premier florist, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance all of your special celebrations – browse our website to explore some of the unique arrangements and baskets that will be the perfect gift for any Dad’s personality! This Father’s Day, we are eager to help you provide the inspiration and appreciation your Dad deserves.

June Occasions Call for Roses

rosesThe red rose is one of the most popular and timeless signs of deep love, romance, and passion. From stories in antiquity to contemporary reality TV, the red rose is given as a sign of affection – and this month, we honor this luxuriant bloom with its special day. On June 12, an enthusiastic community of floral lovers across the country will celebrate this exquisite flower, giving you the perfect opportunity to send a bouquet of these classics to someone you love – just imagine their surprise when they receive red roses, and it’s not even their birthday!

rosesBut what if it is their birthday? Luckily, the rose is also the birth flower of June, and all of your loved ones celebrating this month can be the happy recipients of a gorgeous rose birthday bouquet. Of course, red is not the only color that roses are available in – they exhibit a full spectrum of beautiful colors perfect for any occasion, especially birthdays! Whether a monochromatic bouquet of yellow roses or a colorful display of many hues, your loved ones are sure to be impressed.

rosesJune is also a very popular month for weddings, and once again the rose is the star of the show. Our expert floral designers are especially fond of creating wedding bouquets that capture the elegance of your special day, and roses are a very popular choice for those arrangements. In fact, white roses were once considered the most romantic of the roses, is still considered the iconic bloom of choice for a wedding day.

rosesIf you are looking for a way to awe someone in your life this June, choose roses! Central Square Florist can arrange and deliver the most beautiful ones in Boston – who should we send them to?

Exotic Flowers – A Taste of the Tropics

exotic flowersIf you have been fortunate enough to travel to a tropical locale in the past, the experience is one that you will likely never forget. There is something magical about the climate and the surroundings, a quintessential summer vibe that inspires relaxation and a carefree attitude. For those of us who cannot leave Boston this summer to take a trip to an island paradise, Central Square Florist has a suggestion to bring all the beauty of the region into your home or office.

Tropical flowers are such an easy – yet exciting – way to celebrate the summertime and add vibrant beauty to your space. Not only do these flowers add sophisticated splashes of vivid color, but they are also quite elegant in presentation. Deep, rich hues and an exotic aesthetic combine for a unique arrangement unlike any other. Consider the bright orange Birds of Paradise, the fiery red anthurium or ginger plant, or the spindly beauty of the protea or Fuji mum. These blooms add charisma and a striking accent to any arrangement.

exotic flowers exotic flowers

Known as one of the most coveted of ornamental plants, the orchid is one of the most frequent selections when looking for exotic and tropical flowers. The rare and delicate beauty of this luxurious flower is the perfect complement to the angular shapes of many tropical blossoms. Another warm weather flower that is well loved and will add a gentle touch to the arrangement is the plumeria; along with the orchid, this aromatic flower is often used to create floral wreaths and leis and is symbolically tied to the hospitality of the Polynesian islands.

Whether you are looking to liven up your décor, or to send a floral arrangement that will arrest their attention and convey the true spirit of summer – Central Square Florist is your tropical flower shop in Boston.

Using Flowers to Decorate for Outdoor Parties

outdoor partiesImagine your ideal summer evening, and it is likely that it involves being outdoors. With the beautiful weather upon us; and the sunshine lingering for a few extra hours in the evening, it’s no wonder we daydream about spending more time outside. Flowers and lush greenery are synonymous with the summer months, so it is only fitting that they be a part of your outdoor décor during this season.

outdoor partiesAlthough some spend their spring planting lavish gardens and cultivating flower beds in their yards, many of us simply don’t have the time or the space to take on such a task. However, with the help of Central Square Florist, your home, patio and backyard picnic tables can all be adorned with fresh blooms, flowering plants and greenery this summer. Arranging outdoor plants in baskets and placing them around your outdoor space is a great way to create an instant garden, and includes the added benefit of being able to rearrange the décor at will.

When planning an outdoor gathering, whether a family barbecue or a formal dinner party – fresh flowers make a bold and beautiful statement that brings all the beauty of nature right to your table. Bud vases with orchids beautifully grace a tea party, sunflowers and daisies brighten up a picnic, and flowering bushes make an outdoor seating area more elegant. Outdoor entertaining is easy when you create a backdrop of flowers that match the theme and ambiance.

outdoor partiesFrom hanging baskets on the wrap-around porch to potted plants lining your sprawling wood deck – Central Square Florist has hundreds of ways to turn your outdoor entertaining space into a gorgeous area to meet, chat or eat. This summer, decorate your home and yard with flowers, then relax and enjoy the weather.