Sharing Flowers Straight from the Heart

flowersAsk anyone the top gift given each Valentine’s Day, and they are likely to guess correctly – flowers! With nearly 61% of people reporting that they plan on buying flowers for the special day, it is far and away the favorite choice. After all, what would Valentine’s Day be without flowers? Although the gift is prolific, the type of flowers given can vary depending on our own personal style or the length and nature of the relationship. Although most associate the rose with a February 14th bouquet, there are also many other choices.

Stop and Make the Call – If you are planning to have flowers delivered to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day – or even if you plan on picking them up at our Cambridge flower shop – you’ll want to order early. Experts say that most people place their orders on February 11, so ordering before then will ensure the exact flowers you desire, and a spot on the delivery schedule.  Continue reading

Get Well Flowers and Plants

Get Well Flowers

When someone is suffering from an illness or injury, depression and anxiety are common emotions. However, the floral design experts at Central Square Florist have a beautiful antidote. A recent Harvard study determined that fresh flowers elevate happiness levels and promote a sense of well-being – so if your loved one is not feeling well, get well flowers are the perfect gift to brighten their day.

If your friend or family member is in a local hospital, you may wish to call to speak with them before deciding upon what to send. Some medical centers have begun to restrict the types of flowers and plants they will allow; either overall, or in certain areas of the building. For instance, most ICU units will not permit fresh flowers; although the maternity ward welcomes them.  Continue reading

Inspired Birthday Bouquets


birthday bouquets
We celebrate birthdays year-round, with each month of the year bringing more opportunity for special moments. When it comes to honoring our loved ones on their birthday, we want to send gifts that are memorable and meaningful. One sure way to send flowers that are extraordinary is to call the experts at Central Square Florist. We will create gorgeous custom bouquets for all of the birthdays you’ll be celebrating this year.

One of the most popular ways to design birthday bouquets is based upon the birthstones which represent each month. From “red garnet” roses in January to “turquoise blue” hydrangea in December, these precious gems provide the colorful inspiration for some of our favorite arrangements.  Continue reading

Flowers to Ring in the New Year

New Year
There is something truly special about celebrating a new year. Just contemplating a fresh start is enough to give us hope and excitement, as the new calendar year stretches out before us, full of possibility. No matter what the past year brought us, we can start over. No wonder we love to acknowledge the time with celebration and parties! If you are hosting the party this year, or are headed to friend’s house to be with loved ones, flowers make every party extra special.

White Flowers: Why are white flowers so prevalent this time of year? Not only do they evoke feelings of a fresh snowfall, which we all love – but they are known to represent new beginnings. What better way to honor a new year, than with exquisite white roses, hydrangea, or lilies? Continue reading

Fun and Unique Gifts for Secret Santa

secret santa

It’s the season of gift giving – but for many people, it can be a little stressful. We wander through endless aisles and through miles of shopping malls, seeking the perfect gift – and when it comes to Secret Santa gifts, the struggle can be even more pronounced. After all, we are often buying a gift for someone we may not know very well, which limits our choices to generic items. But this year you can become a gift-giver extraordinaire, with the help of Central Square Florist,

We’ll save you hours of searching – simply make yourself some hot chocolate, curl up in front of your computer, and search our online gift guide for ideas and inspiration.  And don’t worry, your secret is safe with us – let us know that your gift is for a Secret Santa, and we’ll get it delivered anonymously.   Continue reading