Celebrate Easter with Spring Florals

spring florals

There may be no better way to celebrate Easter than with flowers. After all, they exhibit more vivid colors than Easter eggs and last a lot longer than any chocolate you may receive. Not to mention, just like the Easter Bunny, Central Square Florist delivers, and you can be enjoying gorgeous spring florals anywhere in the Cambridge and Boston area within hours! Just take a look through our Easter collection, and let us know what looks good to you.

Did You Know? Flowers have always represented important ideas in culture. The Easter lily, for example, is symbolic of hope and renewal; a common theme for this holiday.  Continue reading

April Birthday Bouquets & Celebrations

april birthday bouquets

Every few months, we are excited to have new seasonal flowers to work with, and the springtime offers us some of the happiest and brightest flowers of the year. The epitome of spring is often expressed in the iconic daisy, a  popular yellow and white bloom that embodies the carefree nature of spring. For all their innocence, daisies are an interesting family of flowers with more to offer than you may originally think.

Did You Know? The daisy is the official birth flower of April. So if you are wondering what to send to your friend and loved ones, choose April birthday bouquets overflowing with daisies – just call Central Square Florist and we’ll take care of the rest!  Continue reading

National Puppy Day Honors Rescuers

National Puppy Day

Is there anything more fun than a new puppy? Our canine family members are full of energy and love – and it is because of all the joy they bring us that we celebrate National Puppy Day. The brainchild of Colleen Paige, the day was established primarily to raise awareness about population control, puppy mills, and the great work of shelters across the United States.

At Central Square Florist, we have floral designs that celebrate our fur babies in adorable fashion – check out the entire collection!  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

st. patrick's day

Although St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the country, those of us in the Boston area know that we do this holiday best. After all, it was Irish immigrants living in Boston who brought the holiday to North American shores. And even though over 36 million people in the U.S. can claim some Irish heritage, it is our part of the country that still boasts the largest concentration of folks with Irish heritage. So from the huge parade in South Boston to a walk along the Irish Heritage Trail, or perhaps a movie at the Irish Film Festival – we live in the best place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! For everyone in Cambridge or Boston who has Irish relatives and friends, don’t forget to send a gorgeous bouquet of green flowers, so that your home or office can also be involved in the “wearing o’ the green!”.  Continue reading

Springtime Flowers are on the Way

springtime flowers

About this time of the year, we are all ready for spring to get here! We’ve had enough cold, enough snow – is anyone else looking forward to the arrival of the new season? Almost as eager as we are is the crocus, one of the very first flowers of spring. This small but mighty flower signals the imminent end of winter by pushing up through the cold ground – sometimes even braving snow cover – to announce the changing of the guard. At Central Square Florist, we are also anticipating all of the gorgeous, vivid floral designs that incorporate springtime flowers. Whether you are planning a special occasion, or simply want to send someone a bouquet “just because it is spring”, you will love all of our new floral designs. Here are just a few of your spectacular choices.  Continue reading