Lisa & Philip’s MIT Chapel Wedding

Lisa & Philip married at the beautiful MIT Chapel on Memorial Day weekend. The MIT Chapel, one of our favorite spaces, is just half a mile away from Central Square Florist. The chapel, adorned with Harry Bertoia’s spectacular art dangling from from the skylight, is mostly plain in color. Flowers add a bit of color especially to the photos you will look at for years to come. All photos in this post courtesy of Michael Brook Photography. Thanks for sharing, Michael!

Lisa’s bouquet included a favorite flower among many spring brides: peonies! We used Sarah Bernhardt peonies. Sarah Bernhardt is a popular peony variety. The coloring is a pretty pastel pink and has wonderful double blooms. Plus, to top it all off, they even have fragrance! A seriously perfect peony for a bridal bouquet. See Lisa and her bouquet pictured below. Aside from peonies, the bouquet also included white hydrangeas and both vendella and peekaboo roses.

Lisa with her bridal bouquet in front of the MIT Chapel. Photo by Michael Brook Photography

Lisa with her bridal bouquet in front of the MIT Chapel.

It was a Jewish wedding so we built a chuppah in the chapel. The chuppah was covered in white sheer fabric and lined with hydrangeas across the top. The upper left and right corners had flower sprays consisting of peonies, hydrangeas, roses and calla lilies. Other chapel decor included hydrangea pews with hanging ribbons attached to the first few rows of seating.

“You may kiss your bride!”

The chuppah

The chuppah

Close-up of the flowers attached to the chuppah

Close-up of the flowers attached to the chuppah

The reception was held at the College Club of Boston on Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay. The centerpieces consisted of the same flowers used throughout the wedding: peonies, hydrangeas & roses.

Centerpiece close-up

Centerpiece close-up

Below is an image of the pews repurposed as mantel flowers. The College Club of Boston has a mantel over the fireplace. The pews can be detached off the chairs and put into a vase.

Pews repurposed

Pews repurposed

The beautiful cake with fresh flowers

The beautiful cake with fresh flowers

We wish Lisa & Philip a marriage full of love, laughter and happiness. It was a pleasure working with you and your family on your very special day.

Funeral Flowers to Honor Your Loved One

funeral flowersDesigning the floral arrangements for your loved one’s funeral, celebration of life or memorial service is an honor. At Central Square Florist, we place a high importance on your requests for sympathy bouquets, standing sprays, and funeral casket flowers, as we understand the need to help you to reduce stress or worry at this time. When the arrangement details are placed into our hands, you can be certain that they will be carried out quickly, and the florals delivered to the funeral home on time.

funeral flowers funeral flowers

When the family of the deceased arranges the details of the funeral, they are traditionally responsible for choosing casket lids and sprays, urn florals and garlands. Standing sprays, wreaths and crosses are often a gift of friends, colleagues, and extended family. When ordering these items, you may wish to inquire about the families choice of flowers, so as to incorporate that style into the sympathy flowers you send. You may also choose to consider your loved one’s personal style, their hobbies, lifestyle, or favorite colors in order to capture their essence in your tribute to them. The expert designers at Central Square Florist are happy to create custom arrangements per your specifications, as well as to incorporate personal keepsake items for an even more personal display.funeral flowers

Although you may not always have the right words to say when someone is going through a loss, flowers beautifully exhibit your love, support, and emotions. Sending flowers to someone who is hurting is a meaningful gesture that will assure them of the love they need during this difficult time. If you did not have the opportunity to send flowers to the memorial service or funeral home, don’t worry. A sympathy bouquet sent to the family home will be greatly appreciated.

funeral flowers funeral flowers

The designers at Central Square Florist offer our deepest condolences.

Memorable and Unique Baby Gifts

baby giftsA loved one has welcomed a sweet new baby into the world – how exciting! This is one of the most cherished times in the life of a family, and Central Square Florist would love to help make the occasion even brighter. You may not think you could make this day any more perfect, but love from friends and family is always appreciated, as is showing up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a thoughtful baby gift. Deciding on the perfect baby gift is a breeze when you work with the talented florists at Central Square.

baby giftOur floral designers have created some truly stunning pieces that celebrate new life and precious beauty in a way that is only surpassed by that gorgeous newborn. When looking to send something designed especially for the new mom, our  or Baby Girl Welcome Bouquets are a quality choice that rises above a standard new baby arrangement. Hydrangea, roses, and fancy greens are lovingly displayed by our experts and are delivered in either a blue or pink color scheme, adorned with ribbon. If you are looking to add something a bit more sentimental to the gift, one of our sweetest bouquets features a plush lamb atop crafted wood, which doubles as a fun and unique new baby toy when they are old enough to enjoy it. A fabulous arrangement of fresh flowers for mom and a brand new gift for baby – it is truly a winning choice.

baby giftsThere is so much more to explore on our website – and in our flower shop – when it comes to baby gifts and floral arrangements that they will love. The design team at Central Square Florist is eager to work with you so that Mom, Dad and the newest addition to the family are celebrated!

Brilliant July Birthday Options

july birthdayEach birth flower and birthstone are said to embody certain qualities and inherent meanings, meant to honor the recipient. So although the fiery ruby and the serene delphinium may not seem to have much in common, in July you can use either one of them to celebrate with your loved ones.

As the official representative flower for the month of July, the blue wildflower known as the delphinium encompasses all that summer should be with ease. It is graceful, fun and bright – and is often added to bouquets to add lighthearted beauty and eye-catching color. While the delphinium is used to accentuate and enhance the beauty of bouquets, so the recipient brings the same to the lives of those around them. Add delphinium to a bouquet of their favorite flowers, or ask the talented artists at Central Square to create a unique bouquet of delphinium designed just for them.

july birthday july birthday

Residing at the other end of the color spectrum is the fierce and striking red ruby, which brings heat and passion. The ruby, one of only four true gemstones, is considered by many to be the most valuable. Although rubies are easily found, discovering a ruby with the deep red hue they are known for is quite rare – and kings and emperors throughout history have offered great rewards for those who could bring them a deep red stone. Is there someone in your life who is as rare, brilliant and desired as a true ruby? Our Love Squared Red Rose Bouquet is the ideal option to give a floral voice to the spirit of the ruby.

At Central Square Florist, our designers take immense pride in creating arrangements that embody your loved one’s personality and rival the beauty of precious gemstones. Stop by our store today to discuss those celebrating a July birthday, and let our experts suggest a truly unique and personal arrangement fit for royalty.

Making Summer Memories

summer flowersAs you think of summer what kinds of memories come to mind? Maybe you have thoughts of heading out to the beach, long walks in the park, or picnics in your backyard. For many of us, the summertime is all about getting outside, spending time with loved ones, and truly enjoying ourselves. Taking it easy is not always something we’re good at as a culture, but this season we want to remind you that taking some time to just have a little fun is good for you! So this summer, let’s all make it a priority to make the most of this time and remember how special summer is.

Getting yourself a gift to kick off the season might not be your first thought, but surrounding yourself with color and beauty is a great way to bring joy and vitality to your home or office, The floral experts at Central Square Florist we have a passion for flowers, and a deep knowledge of the summer flowers that will change your décor and the ambiance of your home – while not costing a lot of money! By choosing the right summer flowers that grow in abundance this time of year, we can create gorgeous bouquets you will love.

summer flowersOne of the most popular flowers of the season is the beautiful hydrangea – and although it is often used as a backdrop to showcase other floral superstars, summer is the time for them to stand out from the crowd. Coming in a wide variety of cool colors including whites, greens, violets and blues, these blooms are light and airy; and atop your picnic tables or on your buffet stations, the hydrangea brings a soft country feel. When throwing an outdoor barbecue or dinner party, try creating a space that is entertaining and welcoming, with the seasonal hydrangea as the star.

Don’t miss out of a minute of fun this year – embrace all the summer has to offer! Stop in and speak with one of Central Square Florist’s expert floral designers, who can capture your personality and vision, and turn it into an artistic arrangement that makes for ideal summer memories.