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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 24, 2017 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Beautiful Grandparents Day Flowers

Grandparents Day Flowers

“What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars’ worth of pleasure.”  Gene Perret

Grandparents Day was officially approved by Congress in 1978. The holiday was the brainchild of Marian McQuade – a mother and grandmother herself – and was to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, which this year falls on September 10.

Marian envisioned a day full of family history and sharing. She encouraged people to spend the day enjoying reunions with extended families, giving elders an opportunity to impart wisdom and share family stories. Through these activities, McQuade hoped that the younger generations would come to greater appreciate their history and legacy, as seen through the lives of their grandparents. The desire to maintain a connection between the generations was inspired by more and more American families abandoning the tradition of many generations under one roof. 

grandparents day flowers

Central Square Florist loves the idea of honoring our grandparents. Here are some wonderful trivia about the older generation – no wonder we love them so much!

Grandparents Adore Their Job: A recent study proved that grandparents love the role, with over 75% of them agreeing that having grandchildren was the single best thing that they had ever experienced.

Grandparents are Still Great at Spoiling the Kids: Grandparents expend $52 billion dollars each year on gifts for their grandchildren, and also contribute over $32 billion to educational funds.

Grandparents are Mighty Proud: An astounding 90% of grandparents  readily admit to talking about their little darlings at least once a day – and will have the conversation with anyone who will listen.

Grandparents are Influential : The trend away from multi-generational living seems to be reversing, with nearly 40% of households now headed by at least one grandparent. This is good news given their positive effect on children – young ones who grow up with an involved grandparent are generally more confident and secure throughout their lives.

If your grandparents live in the Cambridge or Boston area, make sure to treat them to a family get- together on September 10. And don’t forget the flowers from Central Square Florist, which make every occasion more beautiful and meaningful.