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Brilliant Botanicals That Are Pet-Friendly

There is a myriad of health benefits to filling our homes with beautiful blooms, eye-catching houseplants, and of course, our comforting furry friends. While keeping your own health as a priority, it is imperative that you ensure the health of your pets and botanicals are also in balance. This means filling your space with non-toxic plants and flowers that are safe for dogs and cats and making sure furry paws cannot disrupt their growth or flourishing process. To get started, your pet-loving friends here at Central Square Florist, the top flower shop in Boston, are sharing our favorite pet-friendly flowers and plants in a shortlist below.

Safe Plants & Flowers for Pets

Boston Fern

While bringing home a Boston Fern for Fido to chew and play with is not recommended, you can still have peace of mind if your curious cat or playful pup sneaks a few nibbles. While their foliage is harmless to our fur babies, these natural humidifiers still do best as hanging plants. Position your Boston Fern in a humid environment with a lot of access to indirect light so it can live its life to the fullest. 

Watermelon Peperomia

The Peperomia species of plants include a lot of varieties with decorative leaves, but the Watermelon Peperomia type has one of the most striking patterns on their leaves which resemble the outside of a watermelon. Choose this one or another variety as Peperomia plants are safe for pets.


If you like having fresh herbs growing in your kitchen, then go ahead and grow some rosemary, basil, and thyme as these are harmless if your dog or cat snacks on them. Keep these herbs in direct light for optimum growth.


While many of our favorite common flowers, like hydrangea, prove poisonous to pets, this beloved classic is certainly not one of them. Roses, symbols of love, admiration, grace, and gratitude, are a pet-friendly and non-toxic bloom. As such, they are the perfect gift for loved ones who also happen to be pet-parents. However, you always want to ensure its thorns have been removed before bringing it home.


Orchids have been loved by many for centuries, even pet-parents. As these non-poisonous blooming plants can be found in a multitude of hues, from pink and red to lavender and blue and even yellow and orange, they will seamlessly fit into your pet-friendly home decor and floral collection. Orchids are also beautiful gifts for mothers, friends, and loved ones as they symbolize love, fertility, abundance, luxury, elegance, affection, and good fortune. 

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Plants & Flowers

One of the best ways to display your botanicals as a pet parent is by creating a floral wall with shelving and hanging pots. Not only will these enticing beauties be a safe distance away from fur babies, but they can easily be seen, admired, and add an amazing accent wall to brighten your home. While your friends here at Central Square Florist are always happy to lend a hand and answer any questions about our flower and plant collections, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website has a comprehensive guide to plant-friendly and not-so-plant-friendly botanicals.