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5 Awesome Gifts For College Students

Leaving for college is a big step- students are entering a whole new world full of independence and responsibility. We want to help them spread their wings. But, we also want to make sure they are well cared for and protected while they’re away from home. Let them know how much you miss them and think of them when you gift them with items that are both practical and thoughtful. The designers at Central Square Florist have started a list of awesome gifts for college students. They might not realize that they’re going to need or want some of these until they arrive on campus. But you can rest knowing you have shown your love and affection and taken care of them as they set out on their own. Read More about 5 Awesome Gifts For College Students »
Posted by Jackie Levine on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 12, 2021 Back to School Fall Flowers Flowers Gift Ideas Plants Succulents

A Bowl Of Succulents For The Whole Class

Sure, it's customary to offer teachers an end-of-the-year gift as a thank you for all of their efforts. There's something wonderful about having come full circle with our noble guides over the course of an academic year, whether we're the students or our kids are. We want to show our appreciation and convey our admiration. But Central Square Florist dares ask the question, "Why can't we do that at the start of the school year?" You can. In fact, we think offering flowers or plants at the start of the year is the best way to make that year great. It establishes a positive relationship between you and the school right off the bat. It makes a teacher, admin or staff member feel special during a time that can feel pretty anxiety-ridden and high-stress. Read More about A Bowl Of Succulents For The Whole Class »
Posted by Jackie Levine on July 30, 2018 | Last Updated: July 12, 2022 Back to School

Back to College Dorm Room Gifts

Whether you are settling your student in to college for the first time - or they are happily heading back to see friends from last year - a little love from home is always appreciated. The team at Central Square Florist would love the opportunity to assist in selecting the perfect living decor and unique gifts to make the transition to college dorm room just a little easier on everyone.  We recommend green plants, flowers, gourmet selections or personal gifts from our shop - but no matter what you choose, we know that an unexpected delivery is sure to make their day! . Whether your student is attending a Boston or Cambridge university, or headed out of town - we can help you to send the perfect gift. Just give us a call, and we'll come up with a great plan together.  Read More about Back to College Dorm Room Gifts »
Posted by Jackie Levine on July 18, 2017 | Last Updated: July 30, 2017 Back to School