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Give the Gift of Flowers and One of These Luxuries

You’re My Sunshine If you have a special occasion coming up, or even if it’s for a “just because” sentiment, a bouquet of flowers always fits the bill. That’s why flowers are so beloved… because they make the… Read More about Give the Gift of Flowers and One of These Luxuries »
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Romance Month Gifts & Flowers

When you think of flowers, passion, and romance, Valentine's Day may be your first thought, and in the middle of summer, who is thinking about that holiday? ¬†What you may not know is that the entire month of August has been dedicated to celebrating romance as National Romance Month - which means you have 31 days to convey your feelings, to use your imagination, and to really impress your special someone with a lovely bouquet of romantic blooms. To give you some inspiration, the experts at Central Square Florist have put together a list of interesting facts about love and romance that just may set the mood. Let the Flowers Speak: The five most romantic flowers based on the language of flowers include roses, orchids, lilies, daisies, and sunflowers. The red rose is the universal flower of true love, romance, and passion, but it also symbolizes respect, fascination, and desire. For a more luxurious and refined message of love and romance, orchids are simply dazzling. Lilies are undeniably showstopping, alluring, bold, and magnificent. These blooms also represent longing, passion, romance, and love. The daisy is connected to innocence, young love, and true love, likely due to its association with "she loves me, she loves me not."Finally, the sunflower, which radiates positivity, happiness, and joy, is a sunny symbol of peace, love, loyalty, and adoration. Read More about Romance Month Gifts & Flowers »