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April Birthday Bouquets & Celebrations

Every few months, we are excited to have new seasonal flowers to work with, and the springtime offers us some of the happiest and brightest flowers of the year. The epitome of spring is often expressed in the iconic daisy, a  popular yellow and white bloom that embodies the carefree nature of spring. For all their innocence, daisies are an interesting family of flowers with more to offer than you may originally think. Did You Know? The daisy is the official birth flower of April. So if you are wondering what to send to your friend and loved ones, choose April birthday bouquets overflowing with daisies - just call Central Square Florist and we'll take care of the rest!  Read More about April Birthday Bouquets & Celebrations »
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Celebrating Mardi Gras Festivities

When people hear Mardi Gras, they usually think first of New Orleans - and for good reason. The city is the birthplace of the celebration here in America. Although Louisiana is the only state that has officially declared the day a holiday, there are parties and parades across the country, including here in the Boston and Cambridge area! If you are planning your own Mardi Gras party, or want to dress up your office for a little fun - get some beads, a colorful King Cake and a festive bouquet of gold, purple, and green flowers from Central Square Florist. It's time for Mardi Gras!  Read More about Celebrating Mardi Gras Festivities »
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Engagements, Weddings, and Anniversaries

February is National Wedding Month, affording couples nationwide the opportunity to celebrate their special day during the most romantic month on the calendar. Here in Cambridge, February is not even close to a top choice for wedding ceremonies to take place, (June, August and September top that list nationwide). So how exactly did February earn the title of National Wedding Month? Here at Central Square Florist, we have a few ideas. Read More about Engagements, Weddings, and Anniversaries »
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Get Well Flowers and Plants

When someone is suffering from an illness or injury, depression and anxiety are common emotions. However, the floral design experts at Central Square Florist have a beautiful antidote. A recent Harvard study determined that fresh flowers elevate happiness levels and promote a sense of well-being - so if your loved one is not feeling well, get well flowers are the perfect gift to brighten their day. If your friend or family member is in a local hospital, you may wish to call to speak with them before deciding upon what to send. Some medical centers have begun to restrict the types of flowers and plants they will allow; either overall, or in certain areas of the building. For instance, most ICU units will not permit fresh flowers; although the maternity ward welcomes them.  Read More about Get Well Flowers and Plants »
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