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5 Awesome Gifts For College Students

Leaving for college is a big step- students are entering a whole new world full of independence and responsibility. We want to help them spread their wings. But, we also want to make sure they are well cared for and protected while they’re away from home. Let them know how much you miss them and think of them when you gift them with items that are both practical and thoughtful. The designers at Central Square Florist have started a list of awesome gifts for college students. They might not realize that they’re going to need or want some of these until they arrive on campus. But you can rest knowing you have shown your love and affection and taken care of them as they set out on their own. Read More about 5 Awesome Gifts For College Students »
Posted by Jackie Levine on July 19, 2019 | Last Updated: July 12, 2021 Back to School Fall Flowers Flowers Gift Ideas Plants Succulents

Flowers For Your Bosses Desk On Their Day

    Central Square Florist has a date for you to highlight on the office calendar--National Bosses Day, October 20. On this day, we take a minute to express our appreciation to our leaders, guides, mentors and teachers. It's a great way to remind some of the most important people in the workplace that their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and that the special position they occupy impacts the many people who work with them. The best way to communicate your appreciation is to offer a little gift, but if you want to throw an office party too we're not going to stop you. Read More about Flowers For Your Bosses Desk On Their Day »
Posted by Jackie Levine on October 7, 2018 Plants Succulents

Delivering You Some Desktop Awareness

Just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day (April 25), Central Square Florist is calling attention the plight of sad desks everywhere. As winter seemingly drags on, many of our workplaces are filled with dismal desktops---cluttered, disorganized, sometimes totally bereft. It's time for a refresh. It's time to introduce some new flowers and plants to our work surfaces, which also includes, but is not limited to: conference tables, reception areas and cubicles. Read More about Delivering You Some Desktop Awareness »
Posted by Jackie Levine on April 9, 2018 Administrative Professional Day Flowers Succulents Tulips

Tips for Caring for Green Plants & Succulents

There are approximately 315,000 species of plants, making it impossible to put forth one set of instructions that will allow you to keep your favorite indoor green plant looking beautiful. This month, Central Square Florist highlights two of our more popular products and shows you how to keep each one of them healthy and vibrant. But no matter what your choice for indoor green, flowering or succulent plants - you can count on the professionals at Central Square Florist to give you all the advice you need.  Read More about Tips for Caring for Green Plants & Succulents »
Posted by Jackie Levine on April 1, 2017 | Last Updated: April 8, 2017 Boston Flower Delivery Cambridge Flower Delivery Plants Succulents