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Celebrating Autumn Hues with Autumn Blooms

You know the fall season is upon us when the leaves begin to transform from green to rich hues of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Not to be upstaged by foliage, plenty of flowering plants are in bloom during the… Read More about Celebrating Autumn Hues with Autumn Blooms »
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A Pumpkin Full Of Flowers

There's plenty of devilish decor out there this month, and no doubt you've probably planted some cobwebs and headstones in the yard yourself. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned haunted house for Halloween, complete with hanging skeletons and a witch or two? Central Square Florist would never turn down the chance to enjoy some spooktacular decor. But when it comes to decorating for the most macabre of occasions, there's a middle ground between gory and glorious. You may be all about a flurry of ghosts dangling from the mantel, but not so much a vase full of eyeballs on the dining room table. Read More about A Pumpkin Full Of Flowers »
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