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Unique Valentine’s Day Designs

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time to begin thinking about beautiful gifts that show off your romantic side. While chocolates and stuffed animals are great, at Central Square Florist we still believe that flowers are the best way to communicate how you feel about your special someone or sweetheart. This year give them the gift of flowers that tell them how you feel and brighten their day with a gorgeous show of affection. Read More about Unique Valentine’s Day Designs »

Revive Yourself in the New Year

At the start of any New Year, we tend to think about small changes we can make to create a positive impact in our lives. This year, the floral experts at Central Square Florist encourage you to revive yourself in the New Year with flowers. Here's why: Flowers improve creativity. Studies show that creative thought and abilities increase when people are around their favorite colors. Bring flowers in your favorite hues to your work space to open your mind to new possibilities. Flowers improve health. Between their air-purifying qualities and the natural calming effect greens can have, flowers and plants can help you breathe easier, reduce stress and anxiety, and permit more focused attention to detail. Flowers improve relationships. Tending to another living thing and watching it thrive promotes empathy, compassion and sympathy in people. What beautiful traits to bring into all of your relationships. Read More about Revive Yourself in the New Year »
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A Memorial For Loved Ones At The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time during which we hold family and friends close, enjoying every minute we have to spend with people we may only see rarely. It's more than a special occasion, it's a moment we look forward to all year. There are some loved ones who can't be with us during this time, so it's important to find a way to honor their memory and include them in our celebration. That's why Central Square Florist encourages you to create a meaningful tribute or ritual that acknowledges the ones who can't be with you. Read More about A Memorial For Loved Ones At The Holidays »
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Creating Your Best Holiday Ever

The holidays are a highly traditional time. We return again and again to the customs and rituals that give us a sense of belonging, comfort and happiness. The way we celebrate during this time of year tells us a lot about who we are and where we've come from, binding our family together. But one of the great things about this season is how there's equal emphasis on what we create. The cakes we bake, the stories we share, the presents we wrap, the songs we sing. Central Square Florist sees these months as a time to enjoy some creative projects with friends and family. Read More about Creating Your Best Holiday Ever »
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