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Acts of Kindness on Sweetest Day

You may be surprised to learn that origins of Sweetest Day really do lie in one of the sweetest things we all enjoy - chocolate! In the early 1900's, a group of candy company executives in Cleveland started what they hoped would be a yearly initiative - giving away thousands of boxes of candy to the underprivileged. Although the effort was loudly decried by the cynics who accused the companies of exploiting those down-and-out to promote their own sales, the idea of doing something kind for those struggling did have appeal. Just over 100 years alter, Sweetest Day is still a tradition, although more popular in the Northeast and Midwest than in other parts of the country. Central Square Florist has the gifts and flowers you'll need to bring a smile to someone's face this October 21. Who in your life could use some cheering up? Read More about Acts of Kindness on Sweetest Day »
Posted by Jackie Levine on October 3, 2017 | Last Updated: October 7, 2017 Sweetest Day

Beautiful Grandparents Day Flowers

"What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars’ worth of pleasure."  Gene Perret Grandparents Day was officially approved by Congress in 1978. The holiday was the brainchild of Marian McQuade - a mother and grandmother herself - and was to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, which this year falls on September 10. Marian envisioned a day full of family history and sharing. She encouraged people to spend the day enjoying reunions with extended families, giving elders an opportunity to impart wisdom and share family stories. Through these activities, McQuade hoped that the younger generations would come to greater appreciate their history and legacy, as seen through the lives of their grandparents. The desire to maintain a connection between the generations was inspired by more and more American families abandoning the tradition of many generations under one roof.  Read More about Beautiful Grandparents Day Flowers »
Posted by Jackie Levine on August 24, 2017 | Last Updated: August 26, 2017 Grandparents Day

Patriotic Parties for the Fourth

Of all the summer celebrations, we might love the 4th of July the best. Whether attending a local parade, getting together with friends at a barbecue, or gathering under the stars for a spectacular fireworks display, the day is filled with memories from start to finish. Patriotic parties are a tradition, and the red, white and blue is everywhere you look. This year, make sure your annual event is adorned with flowers that exude the spirit of the day - after all, what party is complete without flowers? Why Do Other Countries Celebrate July 4th? Seems a little strange that other nations, such as Denmark, England, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden have fireworks to commemorate the American holiday. The reason is that thousands of people emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s, and these countries hold events to attract tourists, as well as for the benefit of American troops stationed abroad.  Read More about Patriotic Parties for the Fourth »
Posted by Jackie Levine on June 19, 2017 | Last Updated: June 25, 2017 4th of July Holidays Uncategorized

Celebrating Father’s Day with Gifts for Dad

By the numbers, there are approximately 71 million Dads in the United States. About 25 million of them have children under age 18, and just under 2 million are single dads.  We've been celebrating Father's Day officially for 51 years (it was established by Lyndon Johnson in 1966), and Hallmark tells us that 74 million Father's Day cards will be purchased and exchanged. But buried in all those numbers is one very special father - yours! When it comes to go look for gifts for Dad, we suggest stopping by Central Square florist, or browsing our online Father's Day gift collection. After all, he probably doesn't need another necktie or phone charger. Let us help you to find a gift he will really enjoy.  Read More about Celebrating Father’s Day with Gifts for Dad »
Posted by Jackie Levine on May 25, 2017 | Last Updated: May 31, 2017 Father's Day

Patriotic Flowers for Memorial Day Remembrance

There are some days of the calendar year that carry more weight than others. On Monday, May 29, we celebrate a deeply meaningful day both for the country and for many people personally. Memorial Day asks us to pause and remember those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy. Dating back to the Civil War, this observance is a part of the fabric of America. Central Square Florist is privileged to assist you in honoring friends and loved ones on this day.  Read More about Patriotic Flowers for Memorial Day Remembrance »
Posted by Jackie Levine on May 17, 2017 | Last Updated: May 22, 2017 Memorial Day