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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 30, 2021 | Last Updated: December 1, 2021 Uncategorized

Guidelines for a Hygge-Filled Holiday Season

Incorporating hygge into your holiday season can be done just about anywhere. This Danish transition is one that lights us up from the inside and fills our hearts with gratitude and warmth. Whether it be the simplicity of everyday life or experiencing laughter and cheer with others, your friends here at Central Square Florist, the top florist in Boston, are sharing seven steps to feeling comfortable in your home, more connected to loved ones, and thankful for the simple observations in our everyday. 

Seven Steps to Holiday Hygge

Wooden bench stand in corner of room. Fir in black basket stand on it and firewood lays under it

Start with Your Environment

The first step to experiencing hygge this holiday season is to create a cozy, peaceful, harmonious, and warm environment. Start by getting rid of all clutter and items that neglect to inspire cheerful or snuggly feelings, and replace it with seasonal decor, fragrant candles, soft Christmas lights, fuzzy pillows, and thick blankets. Don’t forget to freshen up your space with brilliant winter flowers, like poinsettias, lilies, hydrangeas, and roses.

Woman in warm socks with cup of hot drink relaxing on knitted blanket, top view

Get Comfortable

With a homey and alluringly cozy environment waiting for you, the second step to finding hygge is getting comfortable. Toss on your best loungewear that makes you feel good, shoot your feet into snuggly socks, and turn yourself into a burrito with a big and cuddly blanket. Then, kick back and sink into your couch, recliner, bed, or soft setup on the floor. Find peace, quiet, comfort, safety, and simplicity in the moments that follow.

Christmas gingerbread cookies on plate, fir branches, ornaments and warm lights on cozy knitted background. Atmospheric winter time and hygge home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Find Joy in Your Favorite Meals & Holiday Treats

You can find hygge in more than cozy blankets, warm candlelight, and fresh flowers. Our favorite holiday meals, seasonal goodies, and hot beverages also bring many people hygge. Instead of avoiding “unhealthy choices” this holiday season, give yourself permission to not stress about maintaining a healthy lifestyle every single day. As you give yourself grace to indulge in treats that feed your soul, mindfully indulge in your favorite foods, desserts, and treats, and express gratitude for having the opportunity to do so.

Cozy knitting woman in knitted winter warm socks and in pajamas enjoys knit work on brown checkered plaid blanket at home in cozy winter time. Top view

Indulge in a Relaxing Hobby

Celebrate the simplicity of life by creating your own bliss and picking up old hobbies that used to bring you pleasure and joy. For instance, dive back into a book that you haven’t finished, crochet or knit a scarf for yourself or a loved one, build a puzzle and uncover a beautiful image, or even pop on Netflix and chill. However you spend your time, be sure to unplug from things that bring stress or disturb your inner peace so that you can find hygge.

feet in winter boots walk in the park, abstract seasonal background, November weather

Spend Time with Mother Nature

Observe Mother Nature and all the wondrous, brilliant gifts that she has given us. Whether you take a walk through the snow, spot wildflowers growing nearby, give a little love to your garden or greenhouse, or marvel over a river, lake, stream, or ocean, as you breathe in the cold air that chills your lungs, find peace, stillness, gratitude, and presence. Find hygge in the simplicity and comfort of your natural surroundings.

Three friends talking and laughing in the night sitting on a couch in the living room at home

Enjoy the Company of Friends & Family

The holiday season can turn into a stressful time of year between the natural hustle and bustle, searching high and low for the perfect gifts, ensuring your home is immaculately decorated, and preparing meals and treats that are hot and delicious. However, when we bring more hygge into the holidays, all these things should fall second, third, even fifth, to being present with friends and spending quality time with family. This year, try clearing your schedule for a few days so that you can be fully present and readily available for your loved ones, create new holiday traditions, and enjoy the joys of this cozy season together.

Mature father with two small children resting indoors at home, looking at photo album.

Be Present

The best and easiest way to bring more hygge into your holiday season is by being present. While spending time with loved ones or soaking in peaceful moments by yourself, be fully in the moment and let it have your undivided attention. By prioritizing presence over presents, you can truly enjoy the holidays instead of getting sucked into the hustle and bustle and forgetting what this time of year is all about.

Throughout this holiday season, we hope you enjoy the peace it brings and experience many laughs and quality time with loved ones. As you incorporate more hygge into the days ahead, don’t forget to seek comfort and warmth from the winter floral arrangements here at Central Square Florist. Whether you admire them in your own home, gift them to a loved one, or create a magnificent centerpiece for your family holiday table, flowers can offer a wealth of hygge during this season.