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Central Square Florist

Posted by Jackie Levine on January 29, 2018 Uncategorized

Long Stem Red Roses For The One You Love

If you’re reading this, you’re ahead of the Valentine’s Day curve. And that’s a good thing, since we all know that the most sought-after February 14th flower is the red rose, a flower that communicates love, passion and overall romance like none other. Here at Central Square Florist, we’ve got plenty of this gorgeous crimson bloom with its seemingly infinite swirls of petals. Planning ahead for the big day is key, especially when it comes to flower delivery.

A big, showstopping bouquet is the way to go when it comes to what to send your sweetheart, and long-stemmed roses are the best statement you can make. We love to shape ours to the best possible advantage, where you can see nearly every single rose in a perfect dome. 

Just a touch of baby’s breath and a bank of green leaves sets off the roses beautifully. Scale and balance are important here, too. The glory of the roses is something that is led up to by the scale of the vase. Whether these are delivered to an office or the home, they’ll certainly get a top spot on a table or desk. Roses communicate ardor and affection like no other flower, and that’s why they’re in such demand come Valentine’s Day. Make sure you’ve got your order covered.