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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Uncategorized


How do you show your long-distance love that they’re still on your mind and in your heart? No matter how far away life has taken you, it’s amazing how easy it is to stay in touch with the love of your life. However, after all the text messages, phone calls, and virtual dates, how can you make sure the romance isn’t lost between you? Your friends at Central Square Florist in Boston, know a little something about keeping that spark alive and well. We’ve even come up with a list of perfect gifts to send your favorite guy or gal. Take a look at our top seven gifts that are sure to surprise your partner.

Seven Special Gift Ideas To Send From Afar

Special Location Map

A sweet gesture for your honey to enjoy is a beautiful framed map with a special meaning, especially if the significance is a little hidden to outsiders. Choose a meaningful location such as the spot you first met, where you enjoyed your first date, or the place you’re currently at as a way to say, “I’m with you in spirit.” They’ll love reminiscing on the memories this special place holds every time they see the piece hanging on their wall.

Cozy Throw or Weighted Blanket

During your favorite movie or series to watch together, it’s impossible for you to cuddle with your partner. However, you can still keep them warm and cozy in your absence by sending them a thoughtful throw or heavy weighted blanket. Although it won’t be exactly the same, they’ll feel as snug as ever with the thought of your love wrapped tightly around them.

Heart-Shaped Jigsaw

If you’re searching for a unique Valentine’s Day gift that brings warm fuzzy feelings to your sweetheart, a fun jigsaw puzzle might fit the bill. A heart-shaped or romantic themed puzzle brings all the love of a special gift, along with the thoughtfulness of a new hobby for your partner to enjoy. They’ll love passing time by putting the pieces together while there’s distance between you.

Electric Neck or Foot Massager

If their heart aches, their feet are tired, and their neck is stiff, you can feel a bit helpless being so far away from your sweetheart. Send them an electric shoulder or foot massager in your absence to help ease the pain. They’ll love the thoughtful gesture and enjoy a little R&R in the comfort of their own home.

New Favorite Cookbook

Send your significant other a gift they’ll be able to incorporate into their routine. This way, they’ll be thinking of you during their little day-to-day moments, too. A cookbook is a fun way to mix things up! You can even get yourself a copy of the same book and pick out different recipes to try together while you’re apart. A virtual cooking date sounds like a great way to spice up your long-distant romance.

This great big teddy bear will make a giant impression on the one you love and we guarantee you'll get the reaction you're hoping for!

I Love You Beary Much

When you’re not there to give your sweetie a great big bear hug, this great big bear can help take your place. Our “I Love You Beary Much” gift is as cuddly and romantic as teddy bears get. Measuring at a full 33 inches, this large romantic gesture speaks for itself with beautiful soft white fur and a dazzling, romantic red bowtie.

Show how much you adore them with our 'My Boston Valentine' floral arrangement

My Boston Valentine

Everyone knows red roses are the most romantic flower out there, but your significant other is unique. Gift them a floral arrangement that says more than a simple “I love you.” Arranged in a modern white square vase, “My Boston Valentine” is created with elegant white calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, and of course, the classic red rose.

The perfect gift for your long-distance love comes directly from the heart. There’s nothing better than receiving a surprise from your partner, no matter what it is. Our team at Central Square Florist loves nothing more than seeing that gleam in their eyes and joy on their faces as your sweetheart accepts your romantic gestures.