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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 11, 2017 | Last Updated: May 15, 2017 Uncategorized

Spring Peonies Create Luxurious Arrangements

spring peonies

Everyone has a favorite flower, but for many, that flower is the peony. And since the bloom is most commonly available in the late spring to early summer, now is the time to fill your home with this lush, luxurious flower. Spring peonies are in at Central Square Florist, and they are gorgeous!

Whether looking to send birthday wishes or congratulate a graduate, the peony is an elegant choice. But we wouldn’t blame you for ordering some just because – like you, we love these seasonal flowers. spring peonies

The peony is cultivated in Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America. It is the state flower of Indiana, and the national flower of China. There are approximately 1,000 varieties of spring peonies, but some of the most popular are classified as double peonies, as shown in these two floral arrangements. The double peony is identified by its abundance of petals, which completely overtake the center of the flower and create a “ball” of petals. The effect is extravagant and beautiful, especially given that the flower head can grow to as large as 10 inches across.

Quick Trivia: Peonies grow in every color except for blue.

spring peoniesBecause of their generous nature, spring peonies blend well with hydrangea, roses, and orchids. In fact, they are sometimes mistaken for large roses. The explorer Marco Polo, upon encountering a peony on his travels, is said to have exclaimed, “These roses are as large as cabbages!”

Isn’t it Romantic? Peonies are known to represent marital bliss and prosperity, and as such are a fitting choice for bridal bouquets. They are also the official flower of the 12th wedding anniversary.

If you are looking for a special flower to celebrate this month, you may wish to consider the peony. Call Central Square Florist to order one of our gorgeous designs featuring the peony as shown above, or have us design something custom just for you. We deliver across Cambridge and Boston, right to your front door.