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Encourage Loved Ones With Get-Well Flowers

Being hospitalized is no fun, but when loved ones send thoughts of well-wishes and good vibes, it helps a lot. If you know someone who is hospitalized, sending flowers is a great way to boost spirits and bring cheerful hope for a speedy recovery to them. But there are a few things you should know when sending get-well blooms to loved ones in the hospital.  Read More about Encourage Loved Ones With Get-Well Flowers »
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Fresh Flowers For Better Health

Flowers are the way to a person's heart, sure, but they're also the quickest route to helping enhance their well being. At Central Square Florist, we've done our homework and know that many studies confirm what we've long suspected: flowers aren't just aesthetically pleasing to look at, they benefit the body and the mind, too. Patients who find themselves in the hospital and add a floral arrangement or a plant to their room on average use less pain medication and enjoy lower blood pressure. The benefits to their spirit are harder to measure, but people consistently report a feeling of happiness and a more positive outlook when they are gifted flowers. Read More about Fresh Flowers For Better Health »
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Get Well Flowers and Plants

When someone is suffering from an illness or injury, depression and anxiety are common emotions. However, the floral design experts at Central Square Florist have a beautiful antidote. A recent Harvard study determined that fresh flowers elevate happiness levels and promote a sense of well-being - so if your loved one is not feeling well, get well flowers are the perfect gift to brighten their day. If your friend or family member is in a local hospital, you may wish to call to speak with them before deciding upon what to send. Some medical centers have begun to restrict the types of flowers and plants they will allow; either overall, or in certain areas of the building. For instance, most ICU units will not permit fresh flowers; although the maternity ward welcomes them.  Read More about Get Well Flowers and Plants »
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