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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 23, 2021 Uncategorized


Re-think spring cleaning this year, and refresh your home with Mother Nature in mind. From DIY and earth-friendly cleaners to swapping air fresheners for fresh blooms, your friends here at Central Square Florist, the best flower shop in Boston, have a few suggestions for you to try. Refresh, reorganize, and refine your home by incorporating a few spring floral arrangements and green plants in each room of your home to uplift, purify, and relax this season.

Refresh Your Bedroom

If “refreshing your bed” hasn’t made its way to your spring cleaning to-do list yet, write it in! We have a few easy tips when it comes to making sure your bed fluffy, comfy, cozy, and of course clean. First, toss your pillows and comforter in the dryer to tumble on high heat in order to kill those icky dust mites. Then, while the mattress is bare, take a few seconds to vacuum away any dirt and dust that has made its way through the sheets. Finally, rotate your mattress and remake your bed. You will love looking forward to the refreshing sleep that awaits you.

Refresh with Florals

Another way to improve your sleep quality is with fresh green plants and spring blooms. Add these soft pops of color to your bedroom decor for an extra layer of peace and calm as well as happiness and cheer. With a proven ability to decrease stress, these living beauties also increase air circulation and oxygen flow, so you can breathe and sleep a little better.

  • Tulips: A joyful and cheerful spring bloom
  • Peace Lily: Rest peacefully with improved air circulation
  • Eucalyptus: Breathe a sigh of relief with a minty, earthy fragrance
  • Carnations: Brings purity and luck with a vibrant hue

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Decluttering and reorganizing is also a way to ease your stress and treat any cabin fever you might be experiencing. Make your kitchen lighter by getting rid of the kitchen gadgets and tools that proved to be less than useful over the winter and holiday seasons. To help stay on track with your New Year’s resolution of living a healthier lifestyle, after you throw out expired food, rearrange your pantry and refrigerator with the healthier choices front and center for easy reach.

Reorganize with Florals

A lovely spring flower arrangement perched on your kitchen counter or windowsill is another way to help say “goodbye” to stress and “hello” to a mood boost. Their vibrant hues and sweet scents are always a great addition to your sparkly clean kitchen. Brighten your space with these favorite spring blooms.

  • Hyacinth: A joyful bloom to brighten the room
  • Gerbera Daisies: Inspires a rejuvenated and energized mood
  • Daffodils: The best flower to boost your mood
  • Sunflowers: A sunny representation of gratitude and happiness

Refine Your Bathroom

Now that your home is clean and organized, it is time to put on the finishing refining touches. Since the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms, it’s a good idea to start here. Trade your winter scented hand soap and lotions for something light and sweet, like citrus, lavender, or other spring scents. Swap your winter towels, bathmats, and shower curtains together to create a cohesive spring look. Choose pastels or vibrant colors to welcome the warm weather and sunshine.

Refine with Florals

Another beautiful and elegant way to welcome the spring season is with an arrangement of flowers for your bathroom. Display calming and graceful blooms by your sink, on a shelf, or in a stand for added freshness and naturally elegant scents. Take a look at a few of our most loved spring blooms. 

  • Peonies: A classic favorite representing luck and love
  • Hydrangea: Creates a relaxing environment
  • Orchids: An elegant and refined bloom
  • Sweet Peas: A blissful and sweet flower

While winters can be cozy, the spring is one of the best times of the year to feel reenergized, relaxed, and ready for a new season to begin. Welcome the spring this year with your favorite flowers and plants to refresh and refine your home. The experts here at Central Square Florist will always point you in the right direction or introduce you to your new favorite blooms.