Our History

A Square Staple Since 1929

Back in the day, we were a mom-and-pop flower shop in the heart of Central Square, run by a hard-working family with a deep love for their community. Nearly 80 years later, we still are.

Call us one of Cambridge's first start-ups.

Morris Gamer purchased the shop in the 1940s. Eventually, his nephew, Myron Levine, began helping out as a high school student, along with some cousins. Even after he enrolled at Northeastern University, Myron worked the weekends, displaying the family gene for industriousness and commitment.

In the 60s, he bought the shop from Morris. Twenty years later, Myron's wife joined the team (people still ask for her today). The two raised son David in the business, having him ring up sales and sweep floors from the age of 12 on. Like his dad, David went to Northeastern University. Like his dad, he kept working at the shop while in college. And in 1986, with a freshly-minted degree in business administration under his belt, David fully joined Central Square Florist, just as his dad had done.

David quickly immersed himself in Cambridge life, becoming an involved and enthusiastic supporter of his community. And that community just so happened to be flooded with intellectual energy and innovation, as it was also home to MIT and Harvard. David himself brought a forward-thinking approach to the shop, introducing technology in the 90s. While it certainly kept its neighborhood-florist charm, Central Square was - and is - also on the cutting edge of industry tech.

Today, David's daughter Jackie works alongside her father helping to manage the business, having been raised in it just like him. She too has fully embraced the Cambridge community and appreciates a little technological innovation: she maintains the shop's social media presence and also runs floral design classes - a way for Central Square Florist to really connect with the neighborhood. After all, having a deep connection to our neighborhood - and serving it well - has always been what we're about.