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Major Floral Attractions To Inspire Your Next Vacay

Central Square Florist¬†is delighted to help you plan your next vacation, and we've got a strong vision as to where you should go. Hint: follow the flowers. That's right. Every spring and summer across this great nation of ours, we see dozens and dozens of floral festivals and other such events unfurling to great fanfare. Parties, parades and more herald the seasonal arrival of an area's most beautiful natural assets, its flowers. But it's not just festivals that have us traveling to tulips and the like; there are flower-centered attractions available all year. Going to one of these events or attractions is a wonderful way to discover local culture. We've got our top picks for both below. Read More about Major Floral Attractions To Inspire Your Next Vacay »
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Meaningful Flowers For Best Friend’s Day

How much do we love our best friends? Let us count the ways. We love them for their empathy, their listening ear, their sense of humor. We love how well they know us (and love us still) and all of the ridiculous, goofy things we've done together. We love having insider jokes and shared experiences, a photo album of memories. Our besties have been with us through thick and thin, the good times as well as the bad. On June 8, National Best Friend's Day, we get a chance to properly honor them, and Central Square Florist has the perfect flowers to help you do just that. Read More about Meaningful Flowers For Best Friend’s Day »
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Beautify (And Healthify) Your Home With Plants

                We love spring, and here's why: it's not only when things warm up and we see the sun again, but the plant beds are calling and it's finally time to bring some fresh new plants and flowers into our homes. All of the seasonal blooms and greens are suddenly on offer, and in the latter's case, we here at Central Square Florist can't help but be thrilled at the health benefits on offer. Read More about Beautify (And Healthify) Your Home With Plants »
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Patriotic Parties for the Fourth

Of all the summer celebrations, we might love the 4th of July the best. Whether attending a local parade, getting together with friends at a barbecue, or gathering under the stars for a spectacular fireworks display, the day is filled with memories from start to finish. Patriotic parties are a tradition, and the red, white and blue is everywhere you look. This year, make sure your annual event is adorned with flowers that exude the spirit of the day - after all, what party is complete without flowers? Why Do Other Countries Celebrate July 4th? Seems a little strange that other nations, such as Denmark, England, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden have fireworks to commemorate the American holiday. The reason is that thousands of people emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s, and these countries hold events to attract tourists, as well as for the benefit of American troops stationed abroad.¬† Read More about Patriotic Parties for the Fourth »
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