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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 5, 2020 | Last Updated: April 26, 2022 Uncategorized

The Best Smelling Flowers to Have in Your Bouquet

When picking out flowers to send someone, it’s important to think of their fragrance in addition to their beauty. Sending someone a bouquet of gorgeous blooms that also fills a room with an intoxicating aroma is truly a gift that will be cherished. To discover what some of the most fragrant flowers are, keep reading. Then, the next time you send flowers to a loved one, they can experience a gift that delights their sense of smell as well as their sense of sight. 


Pink and Purple Hyacinth


These highly fragrant flowers are known for having an earthy and sweet scent. They bloom in dense clusters of various colors like pink, red, purple, white, orange, and blue. The Hyacinth’s aroma develops as the bud blooms, starting out as lightly floral and becoming more intense and heady as it opens. The scent is so sweet that it deters pests and animals drawn to its bright colors. An arrangement of hyacinths is a wonderful, sweet-smelling pick-me-up anyone would enjoy having.


Freesia Flowers


Freesias grow in a variety of colors and have a sweet, fruity scent. A beautiful trumpet-shaped flower with delicate leaves, freesia is a wonderful way to bring a natural, sweet smell to your home.


Colorful Roses


Known the world over for its beauty and its intoxicating scent, roses make a great addition to any bouquet you want to be “scent-sual.”  There are different smells roses can have, though, due to their genetic make-up, growing conditions, and age. For example, darker colored roses have a stronger fragrance than lighter-colored ones. Also, the smell of a rose as a bud is different from when the rose is fully opened, and the rose’s fragrance intensifies when the weather is warm and humid. Smelling roses is considered relaxing and restorative as it makes us take a moment and breathe deeply and slowly to enjoy its wonderfully pleasing aromatic notes.


Pale Pink Peonies


Peonies are considered one of the best smelling flowers around. They bloom only for a short period of time, but when they do, these lush, full blooms emit a fresh, sweet fragrance that can fill a room with their wonderful aroma. Peonies come in an assortment of pleasing colors such as pink, white, lavender, and magenta. Pink and white double peonies tend to be the most fragrant while single peonies do not have a scent.


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

The delicate, pleasing aroma of the Sweet Pea is sweet and charming. Sweet Peas pair well with other showy blooms like roses and peonies. With thin, fragile petals that make up a small bloom, the scent of the Sweet Pea more than makes up for its size..


Stargazer Lily


Lilies come in a range of scents from no smell to light and pleasant smelling to overwhelmingly fragrant and perfumey. Starfighter lilies have the strongest scent which is described as sweet and tropical with a touch of honey. Sonata lilies have a lighter, citrusy fragrance that is more subtle and delicate. Rose Lilies, known more for their dramatic look, have only a hint of a pleasant aroma.


Lavender Flowers


The scent of lavender has been cherished for centuries and often used for its soothing and calming properties. Fresh cut lavender lasts for a week in water so you can enjoy its wonderful smell and lovely look, too.


Purple dendrobium orchids are set in contrast with roses and green hydrangea. Its bursting with beauty and love. This arrangement will warm the heart of its lucky recipient



A striking arrangement of colorful flowers, our Bouquet De L’Amour also provides a lovely aroma with stargazer lilies, roses, and more.  At Central Square Florist, we strive to provide all our customers with the most striking floral arrangements and gifting options available for all flower lovers. If you’d like help in picking out a perfectly-scented floral bouquet for someone special, give us a call, we are happy to help.