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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 7, 2024 | Last Updated: June 11, 2024 Uncategorized

Say It with Flowers: Color Meanings for Family Arrangements

Flowers can often do the talking for us — and they do it so well! On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, say thanks to your parents, or make your grandparents feel cherished on Grandparent’s Day with just the right floral designs. And it’s always a good idea to sprinkle some love on your siblings and those chosen family members who mean the entire world to us (what would we do without them?!). Plus, don’t forget those cuddly pets who totally have us wrapped around their paws! At Central Square Florist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we’re giving you a super savvy guide to selecting fresh, bright flowers that spotlight your loved ones.

Pink Petals for Moms & Grandmoms

Picture pink flowers as your coziest, softest blanket — they envelop you in warmth and make you feel so grateful. They’re right on-point for saying a sincere “Thank you” or a heartfelt “I love you” to the amazing mothers and grandmothers who’ve supported you without fail. Luxe peonies stand for prosperity and good fortune, while lovely pink roses symbolize admiration, appreciation, and joy. And pink carnations? They are the official floral symbols of a mother’s endless love for all of her children. Absolutely perfect!

Purple Blooms for Dads & Granddads

When we think of purple flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is their royal energy. They’re dignified and majestic, which calls to mind our awesome dads and grandpas — perfect for showing respect and admiration! Purple orchids — gorgeous tropical blossoms — can infuse his space with seriously noble energy, while lilacs bring a sweet scent and vintage feel. Irises are reps of courage and wisdom, making a strong statement that shows how much you care.

Green & Blue Flowers for Brothers & Honorary Bros

Blue and green flowers represent tranquility, dependability, peace, and devoted loyalty — a perfect match for the brothers and close friends (who may as well be your bros) who have always been your rock. For an effect that’s calming and chill, select beautiful blue hydrangeas. If you want blooms that really pop, choose verdant green chrysanthemums (especially if you want to give props to friendship and trust). For something a bit different, add blue thistle, which adds just the right amount of rugged charm.

Peach Stems for Sisters & Honorary Sis

Peach flowers bring a soft, nurturing feel to bouquets, like a warm hug on a cool day — just like your bond with your amazing sisters or the honorary sisters you adore. This trendy peach shade also represents gratitude and sincerity. For a posh touch, bring in plush ranunculus with their many layers, or opt for sweet alstroemeria (the flower of friendship) for a playful, fun-loving energy. And if your sis is into classic beauty, she’ll 100 percent adore a bouquet of timeless tulips.

Orange & White Flowers for Your Furry Fam

Honor your four-legged babies with a vibrant mix of white and orange flowers, symbolizing innocence, joy, excitement, and purity — all the qualities your pets have! When putting this joyful bouquet together, make sure that the blooms are safe for your furry friend. Pretty orange gerbera daisies are an excellent option — they’re totally non-toxic and add color in a big way. Pair these stems with white snapdragons, which are also lovely and welcoming. This cheerful combination reflects the love and happiness your fur baby brings to your heart and home.

Flowers are more than just gorgeous — they’re a way to communicate your deepest feelings, straight up. With this guidance from Central Square Florist, you can choose the perfect colors to convey your message to family, making every floral gift super memorable.

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