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Posted by Jackie Levine on November 12, 2014 Uncategorized

Using Chrysanthemums in Floral Arrangements


November is the month of the chrysanthemum, making it the perfect time to give someone this beautiful flower. The chrysanthemum has been a popular bloom since around the 15th century B.C. and has since then been cultivated to come in a variety of stunning and beautiful colors. The rich history of the flower means that it has a number of varied meaning around the world where different cultures enjoy the flower. In Japan, for example, every year they celebrate the flower with a “Festival of Happiness”. The flower is popular because Confucius believed it could be used as an object of meditation, so the flower now has associations with perfection and a long life.

In the United States, the chrysanthemum also has a number of different meanings. Here are some fantastic occasions where giving this beautiful flower this November would be a great idea, along with some beautiful arrangements we have at Central Square Florist.


Red chrysanthemums are often used to symbolize love and affection, making them a good choice for those looking for the perfect anniversary gift. Red chrysanthemums will also look wonderful with a number of different colors. For example, those looking for a very romantic tone might pair them with roses and lilies for a bouquet that is sure to make anyone happy.

Get Well

Chrysanthemums in particular can be perfect for get well baskets that will brighten the day of anyone who is ill. In Europe, the flowers are often associated with sympathy and Japan, with a long life. Although these are not traditional meanings in the United States, they can help carry over some of these sentiments. In North America they are often used to communicate longevity and love, which are both good messages for those recovering from illnesses. The bright yellow chrysanthemum, in particular, can really light up a room and lift anyone’s spirits.


White chrysanthemums can help the giver send a message of loyalty and love, which are wonderful messages for both the living and the departed. When the exquisite white chrysanthemum is paired with white lilies and white roses in an expert arrangement, it can be the perfect accent to honor the recently deceased while symbolizing the feeling that they will never be forgotten.

Chrysanthemums have been a wonderful gift full of meaning and beauty for thousands of years. As people search for the perfect flower arrangement this November, they should keep this flower-of-the-month in mind and see if it will send the sentiments they would like to communicate.