Ordering Questions

How do I know if my order went through?

Did you get an order confirmation number? If you did not, then your order did not go through. Wait a few minutes for an e-mail confirmation to make sure, then re-enter your order. If you are having difficulty, give us a call and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.

What does “Standard”, “Deluxe”, and “Premium mean?

Most of our arrangements are available in three sizes. The “standard” is the starting price point for that arrangement. You can upgrade your arrangement by selecting either “deluxe” or “premium”. By upgrading your arrangement, we will add more premium flowers making the arrangement larger and/or fuller. In some cases, the size of the vase or container will also become larger.

What are Central Square Florist hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are 8 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday. 9 AM – 4 PM Saturday. Closed Sundays.

Will my flower arrangement look exactly as pictured online?

We try our best to create an arrangement that resembles the picture as closely as possible. However, we use only the freshest flowers available so exact varieties/colors may vary. We always keep the same look/feel of the arrangement selected.

Where can I get the addresses and phone numbers of hospitals?

When you are placing your order our system will look up business address for you.

Where can I get the addresses and phone numbers of funeral homes?

When you are placing your order our system will look up business address for you.

Feel free to call us and place your order on the phone. We have comprehensive national data on our systems and will be happy to track down the address and visitation times. (As part of our service we confirm visitation times on every order.)

Can I send balloons to a hospital?

Yes, however, only mylar balloons. Latex balloons are not allowed in hospitals due to latex allergies. We offer mylar balloon bouquets or mylar balloons as add on items to products. Additionally, we offer candy and stuffed animals as add on items.

Is there any special information needed to deliver an arrangement to a hospital?

For hospital deliveries, please make sure to include the full name of the recipient, hospital and room number or ward (if possible). Your arrangement will be delivered to the floor nurse's station, directly to the room, or hospital transport per hospital policy. 

Is tax included in the price of the arrangement?

Tax is additional. If you are tax-exempt or have any questions please contact us. We are able to make your online account tax-exempt.

Why do flowers from Central Square Florist last longer than flowers sent from other florists or from the grocery store?

The fact that we have the freshest, longest lasting flowers is not an accident. We buy our flowers direct from the grower, use multiple staging coolers and separate fruit coolers (ethylene gas from fruit reduces the lifespan of flowers). We have an integrated Dosatron system that measures and optimizes the PH balance and adds floral food to all of the water we use. We have “green technology” coolers that closely monitor the temperature and humidity for optimal floral life.

Is the information I provide during the checkout process kept private?

YES! All information is held in strictest confidence. We do not trade, rent or sell this information to outside companies. We only use this information to personalize your shopping experience, as well as notifying you about special offers, services and enhancements.

Is it safe to purchase over the net with my computer?

YES, It is safe. Data we collect is only stored on our systems in an encrypted format. We employ SSL protection to protect the data as it is transmitted from your computer's browser to our web server. Your vital information is never printed in the open.