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Posted by Jackie Levine on September 23, 2013 | Last Updated: January 23, 2014 Uncategorized

3 Interesting Facts About Murano Glass

murano glass centerpieceWhen you want to give someone a really special one-of-a kind gift, you want to find something that is very unique, very memorable, and useful. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a wedding, an anniversary, a significant birthday, a career or educational milestone, you want something different enough that you won’t have to worry about whether or not the recipient will receive duplicates. The perfect solution is a gift of Murano glass.

#1 – Murano glass is made exclusively on the Island of Murano, which is located just off the coast of famous Northern Italy city of Venice, but still lying within the city borders. Venetian glass making dates as far back as the Roman Empire where class created the necessary illumination in the famous Roman bathhouses. By the early 8th century, Venice was known as a prominent center for glass making.

#2 – The techniques and tools used by today’s Murano master artisan glass makers hasn’t changed much since the Middle Ages. Murano glass is a chemical glass that is created when lime, potassium, silica and sodium are mixed together and melted in a fiercely hot furnace that turns the materials into liquid.

To get the brilliant colors, sparkles or metallic effects, artisans add gold or silver foil, and minerals such as cobalt to create blue, copper to embed sparkle, manganese to create the color violet, and zinc to produce white.

#3 – After the chemicals liquefy, the master glass makers either mouth-blow or hand-craft the beautiful objects that are available for sale today.

Only available through your Boston Florist, Central Square, the Doge Murano glass centerpiece bowl is a gift that is the perfect decorative piece for a dining room table, a console table, or anywhere where you want to create a focal point or place an eye-catching art piece that doesn’t add clutter.

This beautiful bowl is the creation of Due Zeta, and is made of 24 percent lead crystal. The elegantly hand painted bowl features a theme of leaves in a flowing, delicate design. The colors are very much in keeping with the color palette for which Murano is so well known, but because this bowl is hand painted, the artist is able to create subtle color variations through shading.