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Posted by Jackie Levine on September 5, 2013 | Last Updated: January 13, 2014 Uncategorized

5 Tips for Sending Flowers on Grandparent’s Day

make her day bouquetFlowers make the perfect gift for so many occasions–and who is more deserving of a beautiful arrangement than our grandparents? On Grandparent’s Day this September 8th, take the time to pick out a special bouquet from Central Square Florist. These five tips will help make just the right choice!

1) Go big, go bold. Your grandparents have been there for you (and your parents!) since day one. You got to have all the fun of spending time with them, minus the arguments that we usually have with our own parents. So now is the time to thank them! Pick a big, cheerful, colorful bouquet that will be sure to brighten their day.

2) Plan ahead. Central Square Florist lets you order as far as 45 days ahead of time, so there is no excuse for forgetting! Simply order and wait for the day to arrive, worry free.

3) Spread the love. If you don’t have grandparents to send flowers too, why not send flowers to another older person in your life who has acted as a friend or mentor? Chances are, you’ll make their day!

4) Think about their interests. Central Square Florist has all kinds of themed arrangements, from flowers in a truck bed to smiley face vases. Consider your grandparent’s hobbies and interests, and choose a bouquet that has their name written all over it!

5) Be clear with your delivery information. You don’t want to spend time picking out a beautiful arrangement, only to have it be late or lost because you forgot to mention a hard-to-find driveway or a tricky doorman. Use the delivery notes section to your advantage to make sure your beautiful flowers arrive just the way you intended!

Whatever arrangement you choose to send your grandparents, rely on Central Square for all of your Boston flower delivery needs!