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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 17, 2014 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Be Ahead of the Curve in 2014, Know All of the Floral Holidays!

blooming tulipsKeeping track of floral-appropriate holidays is challenging for some, or many, people. Even with the best intentions, daily life has an unfortunate way of eclipsing our memory of the best and sweetest parts of life.

Make sure you find out all the dates when you send out floral arrangements, plants and other beautiful delights to loved ones so you can stay on track and avoid needing to send out apologies to make up for special flower-sending holidays that you’ve missed.

  • Valentine’s Day. This February 14 holiday is probably number one with a bullet. Each year spouses and dear friends—who might hold out hope for becoming a spouse—celebrate this holiday with flowers and floral arrangements. Roses are a perennial favorite for this red-themed holiday, symbolizing the heart’s passion. The “Blooming Love” arrangement is the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.
  • Easter Sunday. This April 20, 2014 holiday serves to observe a Christian miracle as well as helping to herald spring. Treat your mother and father to the Silver Cross Bouquet, especially if you find yourself far from home during the holiday.
  • Secretaries’ Day. Try not to forget your indispensable secretary this coming April 23. With same-day delivery available—just in case.
  • Mother’s Day. This important holiday falls May 11, 2014, so it is crucial that you mark this one on your calendar. Choose from a large inventory of gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers at Central Square Florist.
  • Father’s Day. Dads enjoy something special on their specific holiday, too. Make sure he has received his 48′ Ford Pickup Bouquet by June 15, 2014. There are also plenty of floral arrangements and planters that dads will love.
  • Boss’s Day. Show your gratitude for your boss by collaborating with your colleagues for October 16, 2014. Let your boss know what a one-of-a-kind experience they show your staff each day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a gift basket of treats!
  • Sweetest’s Day. October 31 is another day to share thoughts of love and affection, so send your love with gorgeous Vera Wang Roses.
  • The Fall and Winter Holidays. This year Thanksgiving falls on November 27, Hanukkah’s dates fall from December 17 through 24 and Christmas, as usual, falls on December 25. Choose from many holiday-specific arrangement for Hanukkah, Thanksgiving or Christmas from Central Square Florist‘s inventory during the December holidays.
  • Other Important Holidays. For birthdays and anniversaries, Central Square Florist has also got you covered, but you can use this list as a place to start to fill in the gaps for your main holidays. Just remember to make them joyful for everyone, including yourself and everyone loves flowers.