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Anemones flowers are a favorite among many. The name anemone means ‘wind flower’. Anemones are beautiful blooms grown here in America and also in Europe & Japan. They are not available year-round. Anemones are typically in season October-May. This can vary as anemones, like all flowers, are a natural product and things such as weather can affect the season. Spring is the peak of anemone season.

These beautiful blooms come in a variety of colors — white/cream, purple, red and pink. By far the most common color is white. I personally find the hot pink (magenta) the most beautiful shade of anemones. Anemones are all for looks and beauty. They do not have a fragrance and bees aren’t attracted to them. Since bees aren’t attracted to them, they must be fertilized by other insects. There are over 100 species of anemones around the world.

We have anemones in the shop now from California. I find the best quality anemones come from California. Many of our flowers are from California besides anemones. We get stock, ranunculus, lilies and much more from California. During the summer months, our tulips come from California instead of Holland.

Anemones at Central Square Florist

These gorgeous anemones are from California and in the shop today in March. Gorgeous! .

Central Square Florist Anemone

Pretty pink anemones we got from Japan for Valentine’s Day this year