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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 13, 2017 | Last Updated: March 20, 2017 Uncategorized

April Birthday Bouquets & Celebrations

april birthday bouquets

Every few months, we are excited to have new seasonal flowers to work with, and the springtime offers us some of the happiest and brightest flowers of the year. The epitome of spring is often expressed in the iconic daisy, a  popular yellow and white bloom that embodies the carefree nature of spring. For all their innocence, daisies are an interesting family of flowers with more to offer than you may originally think.

Did You Know? The daisy is the official birth flower of April. So if you are wondering what to send to your friend and loved ones, choose April birthday bouquets overflowing with daisies – just call Central Square Florist and we’ll take care of the rest! April birthday bouquets * The daisy’s name comes from an ancient Anglo-Saxon tradition. The name is a derivative of “daes eag”, which translates to “day’s eye” in English. It references the fact that the daisy genus often closes up its petals at night, and reopens them when the sun arises in the morning.

* A daisy is a composite flower, which means what you consider to be a single bloom is, in reality, many tiny flowers growing together. Each “petal” is actually an individual floret, as are all of the tiny tubes that form the colorful center disk.

* Daisies have over 23,000 species and have “cousins” as diverse as the artichoke! The daisy is also edible, used around the world in soups and salads. It makes a pleasant tasting tea which can aid digestion and alleviate coughing.

* Gerbera daisies are among the most popular variety to use in floral design, as they have many bright colors and remain fresh-looking for a long time after their stem is cut. Gerberas in orange, pink, and red are perfect for April birthday bouquets.

This spring, freshen your home with all the beauty of spring with gorgeous fresh-cut flowers from Central Square Florist. Throughout Cambridge and Boston, we are your premiere source for daisies – and every other bright flower of the season.