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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 31, 2013 | Last Updated: July 12, 2021 Uncategorized

August Birthday Flower Arrangements

BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL CUBEWhen searching for a theme for an August birthday party, consider using the month’s birthstone as inspiration. Peridot, a beautiful olive green stone, can provide the perfect source of creative innovation for an August birthday bash. Select this as the color of choice and throw a fun and unique “green” party by incorporating various shades into the décor, food, drinks and even the gifts!

While streamers, balloons, cut-outs and favors in different shades of green can be used as party decorations, selecting plants and flowers to carry out the green theme is a fresh and distinctive alternative that will be certain to make the celebration both special and memorable. Welcome guests to a party that is bursting with the green beauty and refreshing scents of lush plants and fresh flower arrangements for a gathering that goes beyond the expected birthday environment.

Green flowers and plants not only provide a unique decoration alternative for an August birthday, they also make perfect gifts. Consider bringing a present that will live for months when you give a fresh plant as a birthday gift. Plants not only live longer than flowers, they often require less maintenance and add a natural touch of green to both home and office environments. When you give a birthday plant such as the one pictured here, you give a gift that can remind the birthday honoree of their special day for weeks to come.

Make your loved one’s August birthday one to remember by incorporating the natural beauty of green plants and flowers into their unique party theme. Be sure to brighten up their special day by sending a fresh gift that will last well beyond their birthday celebration for weeks of enjoyment and delight!