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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 22, 2014 | Last Updated: September 11, 2014 Uncategorized

Back to School Flowers: A Mother’s Secret Weapon

Some would describe you as a helicopter mom — but you prefer to think of yourself as strategic. And what better way to get the upcoming year’s plans underway than to send flowers to some of the teachers and hard-working administrators who are there to help make sure your children succeed?

Back to school flowers are a great expression of gratitude for all that the people at your children’s school do to make the place run smoothly. They also help your child stand out from the crowd, creating a positive first impression that will last well into the school year.

Flowers for the Teacher

If you’ve volunteered to be room parent again this year, sending flowers make the perfect welcome gift for the home room or primary teacher. You don’t need to worry about making too big a of a statement — after all, the flowers are from all the parents.

Your child’s teacher will be touched by an arrangement like Lovely Orchids, whose leaf-lined cube vase and delicate accent blossoms are sure to please. Or for a bolder look, wow the teacher with Sun-Sational Sunflowers. Both the teacher and the kids will enjoy the bright presence of these majestic flowers in the classroom.

If your child is in one of the lower elementary school grades, a “bouquet” of colorful latex balloons, delivered right to the classroom door, is a fun diversion that also makes a great first day gift for each of the kids to take home with them.

Flowers for the Principal and Staff

Teachers aren’t the only ones responsible for your child’s successful school career. The principal juggles the budget and makes curricular decisions that keep the school on top, and the office staff is there to implement the principal’s decisions and make sure school events are running on schedule.

Back to school is a great time to let them know that you value the work they do. Butterflies & Blooms, which presents a variety of bright and charming flowers in a basket decorated with accent butterflies, is a great choice for the front office.

For the principal, why not choose something clean and simple, like Gerbera Brights? A classic arrangement of flowers that are not too intimate, like roses or lilies, conveys respect and appreciation without overwhelming.

Flowers are the perfect back to school gift because they are something everyone can enjoy. At the same time, they help to get things off to a great start between your child and the teacher — all part of your well-laid plans!