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Posted by Jackie Levine on October 3, 2014 | Last Updated: October 15, 2014 Uncategorized

The Beauty of Homecoming Flowers!

white roseNo homecoming gown or tuxedo would be complete without beautiful flowers as an accessory! Central Square florist can help make your big night extra special with some of the finest flowers around. Here are some of the most popular flowers for homecoming, and the traditions that make them so meaningful.

Red Roses

Of all flowers, red roses are by far the most symbolic. In the universal language of flowers, these classic beauties represent passion, love and romance. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated this flower with their goddess of love. On the night of the homecoming dance, you can make your special someone feel like a goddess when you give her a stunning corsage made of deep red roses.

Pink Roses

The ultimate symbols of sentimentality, pink roses are the perfect way to add a graceful touch to your homecoming wardrobe. These flowers also represent appreciation and gratitude, which makes them a particularly thoughtful gift. A single pink rose in a boutonniere creates a dashing effect, while several pretty pink roses can be used to create a charming corsages.

White Roses

Few flowers are more formal than the snowy white rose. Originally, white roses stood for purity. Today, these flowers are also associated with true love and momentous occasions. If you want to add elegance to a tuxedo, a white rose boutonniere is the best choice. These flowers can also be used in a corsage that creates radiant contrast against dark gowns or adds an airy effect to bright outfits.

Calla Lilies

The name of this unusual flower comes from “kalos,” the Greek word for beauty. While they are most often available in luminous white, you can find calla lilies in a variety of other colors. Choose a color that best represents your feelings toward your date:

  • White callas represent purity.
  • Pink shows your admiration.
  • Purple is for passion.
  • Yellow conveys gratitude.
  • Black or very dark purple represents mystery.

Beyond the colors, the flowers themselves signify true devotion, which makes them a romantic homecoming gift for your date. Not only are calla lilies uniquely symbolic, but their sleek shape will lend a certain sophistication to your homecoming attire.


Of course, your choices of homecoming flowers aren’t limited to roses and callas. Orchids are becoming a popular flower for corsages and boutonnieres, and in many places, mums are the traditional homecoming flower. To create a custom homecoming arrangement, call Central Square Florist or stop in to see our available fresh flowers. We are happy to help you choose stylish homecoming flowers!