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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 13, 2014 | Last Updated: May 16, 2014 Uncategorized

Bring in The Beautiful New Year with Blooming Flowers!

Over the past few months you’ve trimmed the tree, hung the garland and displayed an endless parade of snowmen knickknacks.  Now that the new year is here, it’s time to reclaim your style.  If your home is looking a bit drab without all the festive décor, turn to fresh flowers to breath life back into the space. Just a few bright blossoms will work wonders to help you usher in a fresh new year.

Keep It Casual

Holiday decorations are full of elegant glitz and glam, but the new year, with the formal china, regal angels and shiny bows packed away for another year, is the perfect time to lighten up with casual décor.  Rather than choosing neatly arranged blooms, stick to loosely clustered groups of one of two types of flowers.  While roses are classically elegant, tulips, daisies, sunflowers and hydrangeas are all light and fresh.  Also, skip the heavy vases.  Instead, place blooms in ceramic or glass pitchers or mason jars for a casual chic look.

Choose Seasonally Appropriate Colors

Gone are the red, green, gold and silver hues of the holidays.  But, while you may be longing for warmer days, it’s not time for the light and bright shades of spring and summer just yet.  Darker, deeper shades are perfect for winter.  Red flowers that are so dark they border on black, such as black magic roses and dahlias mingle beautifully with deep purple calla lilies.  Stick with a monochromic color scheme to amp up the drama, or add in a few white blossoms, such as amaryllis or hydrangeas for a lighter look.

Consider The Scale

The best thing about packing away the holiday decorations is the open, airy feel spaces take on in the absence of Christmas trees and garland.  Don’t close in all that recently uncluttered space with oversized arrangements.  While tall, full arrangements work well in spacious entryways and on mantles, opt for low, pave style groupings for side tables and centerpieces.  Shorter arrangements are easy to see over and don’t block the flow of conversation.

Embrace The Unexpected

For the last few months, your dining table, mantle, and foyer have housed nativity scenes and snowmen.  But, flowers are the go-anywhere decorations.  Use small-scale arrangements to add a punch of pretty to unexpected spots.  Place a single bloom in a tiny vase and place it on the spare bathroom counter to welcome guests.  Add a small grouping to a home office desk to liven up tedious tasks.  Or, place a vase among the tomes on a bookshelf.  Try sticking a few blossoms on a windowsill.  Placing flowers in unlikely spots results in a customized space that highlights your decorating personality.