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Posted by Jackie Levine on April 4, 2016 Uncategorized

Celebrate April with Daisies

daisiesApril is springtime’s quintessential month! Flowers are in full bloom, the sun is shining; there is excitement in the air as the new season begins to take hold. Each month of the calendar year has its own official flower, and for the month of April that flower is the daisy. Daisies are reminiscent of childhood innocence and simplicity, making them a meaningful way to celebrate this month’s birthdays.


With so much renewal of nature occuring around us, what better way to show your affection for someone than with a fresh bouquet of spring daisies? Even their name speaks to the newness of the spring season – the name “daisy” is derived from the Old English phrase “daes eag”, or “days eye”. Daisies, like their cousins the sunflower, love the sunlight – at night they shut their flower heads into a tight bud, only reopening when the sun has reappeared.

daisies daisies


The fresh, classic yellow and white shasta daisies are the most recognizable to many people, but daisies actually come in a wide variety of types and colors – giving you many options when it comes to picking out a bouquet. Lesser known African daisies come in yellow, orange and apricot blooms; you may also choose to create a bold and vibrant arrangement utilizing the vivid gerbera daisy. These come in stunning colors that span the spectrum, including pink, red and orange blooms that pair well with wildflowers and exotics alike.


Your friends and family celebrating April birthdays will appreciate a floral gift of daisies, and as Boston’s premier florist, Central Square Florist is excited to celebrate with you! Call us or stop in today, and let us help you to create the perfect April birthday bouquet.