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Posted by csflor on August 13, 2011 Uncategorized

Central Square Florist Continues to Go Green!

Here at Central Square Florist we take pride in ‘Going Green’ and are continuing our efforts everyday making sure nothing ever goes to waste!

Every week we fill up numerous bags of compost (leaves, flowers, dirt) and Save That Stuff comes and picks them up. These scrap materials would otherwise be destined for the dumpster. Recycling compost is something that not everyone does, but is something crucial to the future of our planet.

We don’t JUST recycle compost here though. Each day we are filling up our recycle bins with cardboard, paper, and plastic. Each order that comes into our shop gets printed on one single 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Throwing away all these orders once they’re completed would be a waste of paper. Instead we first make sure we have re-used the paper by printing on the other side. Once we have printed on both sides and no longer need the paper we make sure to shred it. All the papers that we shred are added to our recycle bins and then picked up by Save That Stuff.

Today we became a member of Cambridge Catalog Choice. Cambridge Catalog Choice’s mission is to help people reduce unwanted mail, save natural resources, and protect their privacy. Junk Mail is a big paper waster and here at Central Square Florist we try to prevent wasting at all costs. Even though we always recycle Junk Mail preventing getting it entirely is really the best option.

There are simple ways to also ‘Go Green’. Instead of getting a check every pay day, direct deposit is a great way to save a little paper…and hey even some time waiting in line at the bank! We provide direct deposit to our employees in efforts to reduce the amount of paper we use. In addition to direct deposit, we also pay many bills online.

Recycling and ‘Going Green’ is something we continuously are improving every day. Here at Central Square Florist we always stay up-to-date on new ideas and continue to find new ways to improve protecting our planet.