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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 8, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Central Square Florist – Earth Day 2016

earth dayAs the springtime approaches, so do two special opportunities to rediscover and offer respect to the planet we call home. You have probably heard of Earth Day, but did you know that there are actually two different days set aside to celebrate? The first occurs on the spring equinox, which in 2016 takes place on March 20th.. In 1970, founder John McConnell created the day as a chance for people of the world to come together in peace, justice and the common concern for the Earth. Simultaneously, also in 1970, U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson was organizing educational rallies and events for the 22nd of April.


Although McConnell’s holiday is sanctioned by the United Nations and is the official “global” Earth Day; Nelson’s efforts garnered far more grassroots support, and the April date is the one most recognized, especially in America. Both days are meant to bring awareness to the issues that are facing our environment, and present a platform for change.

earth day earth day

Bringing natural elements into your environment is easy and convenient – not to mention beautiful. At Central Square Florist, we love to help you bring the outside in. Our floral designers have created baskets, dish gardens, terrariums and more, allowing you all the benefits of lush green plants right in your own home. To celebrate Earth Day this Spring, commit to bringing more awareness of nature into your everyday life. For instance, the new season brings renewal – and these enchanting spring tulips simply embody the inherent beauty of our planet.


As your premiere Cambridge florist, we have a deep appreciation for the Earth every day. From the health benefits that plants provide, to the happiness that a floral bouquet can bring – plants just make our lives better in every way. On Earth Day, and every day, we are passionate about delivering the floral arrangements you are looking for.