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Posted by Jackie Levine on March 14, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Central Square Florist – Easter Flowers

easter flowersThe celebration of Easter brings the annual enjoyment of new life and renewal – of nature, and of our spirits. Many people spend this season simplifying their lives, setting new goals and imagining new possibilities, inspired by the emerging beauty around them. Across Boston, the sun starts shining, the weather begins to warm up and the first fruits of spring make their entrance right outside our front door. Easter is emblematic of spring and its themes of renewal.


Flowers and Easter have long been closely. With the resurgence of greenery and blossoms in nature, the tradition of sending bouquets and arrangements of spring flowers to recognize the season is commonplace. Christian traditions influence some of the flowers that are popular this time of year; for instance, the white lily is considered the classic Easter flower, for its ties to the biblical Resurrection story. Another popular flower during the Easter season is the daffodil. One of the first flowers to emerge from the ground in early Spring, daffodils have historically been given to express deep love and extremely high esteem. For a truly spectacular spring bouquet, consider hyacinth, forsythia, roses, hydrangea and irises.

easter flowers

Fun celebrations such as hunts for colored eggs, and baskets full of chocolates also fill Easter traditions. These activities have their roots in ancient fertility festivals, although today have simply come to embody the whimsical side of the holiday. And perhaps one of the most well known and loved spring floral elements – tulips – are also found in these pastel and bright colors that evoke all the sentiments of a Boston spring day.


Don’t let Easter go by without filling your home with flowers! Allow Central Square Florists to create a unique centerpiece for your holiday dinner; or a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement for an Easter gift