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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 25, 2014 | Last Updated: September 11, 2014 Uncategorized

Change the Color of the Office with a Bouquet

Undoubtedly, the right floral arrangement can change an office space from bland to brilliant with a vibrant splash of color, life, and aromatic decadence. At the same time, office floral arrangements can change the recipient from blue to bright red or beaming yellow, while making coworkers green with envy. If you are looking to add a little sunshine of the recipient’s day, start with the following three considerations.

Best 3 Ways to Choose a Floral Arrangement

Seasonal Arrangements

When you are purchasing someone a floral arrangement for someone’s office, you can always base your decision on the time of the year or season. Since most florists design special bountiful arrangements for the season, choosing the best arrangement should be a simple decision. Check out the following festive floral arrangements specifically designed for the time of year for a few ideas.

  • Light up the office with a beautiful Summer arrangement! You choose from several different floral arrangements all brilliantly displaying gorgeous flowers from bright sunflowers to beautiful blue orchids!
  • Fields of Europe for Summer will transform the office space into a luscious field of vibrant color. Even though you may have never been to Europe, you can treat the office to a summer across the pond.

Occasional Arrangements

Life is made up of a string of several different occasions. Whether the occasion is positive or negative, you can use one of the following floral arrangements to make it positively memorable.

  • As the quintessential way to say “Happy Birthday,” a Birthday Floral arrangement will undoubtedly spread the birthday cheer. You can choose from a wide variety of arrangements in addition to several bears, balloons, and other cheery items.
  • Since there are practically countless occasions to send someone an office floral arrangement, sending a Just Because or a “Future Goodwill” bouquet will generally always be well received.

Personal Arrangements

When you choose a floral arrangement for the office, few cliche’ statements are truer than “It’s the thought that counts.” While simply thinking enough to send a floral arrangement to someone’s office may suffice, if you can manage to incorporate their personality in the bouquet, you will illicit a much more appreciative response. The following two ideas can be instrumental in jogging your imagination toward the ideal arrangement.

  • Men love arrangements too, especially when it’s coordinated around their favorite sports team.
  • Send an arrangement supporting someone’s favorite charity