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Posted by csflor on July 28, 2012 | Last Updated: July 14, 2021 Uncategorized

Color Matters!


Every flower color has symbolism behind it. Each represents a certain emotion and feeling. On one end of the spectrum, deep reds represent passion and love, while bright yellows represent happiness and friendship.  The flower colors you choose can be just as important as what type of bouquet you choose. The new ‘Color Your Day’ arrangements come in a variety of different color schemes to match your emotion. Each comes in a paint can vase that perfectly matches each bouquet.

Color Your Day With Beauty is a stunning display of bold colors that will reflect the recipient’s charm and grace. Lavender roses, fuchsia carnations, purple lisianthus, and Asiatic lilies are only some of the beautiful flowers that make up this phenomenal arrangement.

Color Your Day With Happiness is a sweet bouquet filled with flowers like fuchsia roses and pink gerbera daisies that create a loving and joyful look. This bouquet will add loveliness and cheerfulness to anyone’s day.

Color Your Day with Sunshine is filled with cheer and smiles. The yellow roses and daisies stand out to convey a warm look sure to create lasting smiles.

Color Your Day With Joy is a spirited display of bold hues to give your special recipient a refreshing burst of happiness. Green carnations, white roses, yellow/green poms, and traditional daisies stand out to create an incredible gift they will delight in.

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