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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 15, 2015 Father's Day Holidays

Father’s Day Gifts For Unique Dads

Father's DaySince the first Father’s Day in 1910, millions of Dads have been honored on the third Sunday of June. This American holiday has traveled to Canada, western Europe and countries in the Far East – everywhere you roam, across 50 nations, we love to honor our Dads!

Father’s Day was started by Sonora Dodd, who wished to praise her father in the same manner that Anna Jarvis had suggested honoring moms. (Mother’s Day began in 1908.) But the holiday had a bit of a rough time gaining acceptance in the general population. Between the first observance of Father’s Day in Spokane, Washington and it’s official declaration in 1972, six decades had passed. Some speculated that the holiday was too “sensitive” for men, while most simply considered it a gimmick to sell more products to folks who felt obligated. Whether that last fact is true or not, there is no arguing that there are millions of ties, shirts, golf clubs, fishing poles and tool sets sold every June.

Father's Day

’48 Ford Pickup Bouquet

But if you are looking for a unique gift that speaks to your Dad’s interests and personality, Central Square has some here great ways to surprise him this Father’s Day. How about sending our ‘48 Ford Pickup Bouquet to your car-loving dad? This whimsical piece will brighten his day, and the nostalgic keepsake car will look great on his desk or in his office for years to come.

Or how about sending a Zen Money Tree? Tradition says this plant brings good luck, good fortune and prosperity – a thoughtful gift for your hardworking Dad.

Father's Day

Zen Money Tree

These are just two of the many meaningful gifts you can find at Central Square Florist of Cambridge. So this Father’s Day, think outside the tool box, and get him something that truly reflects his personality. Call 617-354-7553 to ask for advice, or place your order!

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