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Posted by Jackie Levine on July 18, 2014 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

A Floral Surprise That Will Bring Tears to Their Eyes!

Shedding a few tears of happiness is in no way a foreign response to someone receiving flowers, especially when it is a surprise. We all express various emotions in our own special way, and quite often, when someone does something so thoughtful, and from out of nowhere, feeling moved to tears is quite natural.

Of course, if you want to take it to the next level for your loved one, you can simply kick up your floral arrangement several levels, and you might elicit squeals of delight that go up several decibels in relation to the quality and thought that has gone into your floral arrangement for them.

People who are experienced at making the perfect floral surprise will surely bring a tear to their recipient’s eyes. Maybe they don’t want to bring them to tears, but it’s out of joy, so it can’t be all bad. So, everyone can learn from the parable and art of floral surprises.

If you want to generate an unprecedented response from your loved one, consider some of the following tips, tricks and notions that might bring anything from tears, giggles and side stitches once your floral surprise recipient sees what you created and gave to them to brighten their day.

  • Get Sneaky! If you don’t already know what your loved one’s favorite animal is, don’t fear asking friends, family and colleagues for any kind of hints they are willing to offer. And they will feel delighted to share in your surprise, knowing you want to do something special for someone you all care for. Also, you can peek around their home to gather clues about things they particularly like. If you note a preponderance of frog statues and trinkets, you might just have your floral container, or if you note a fondness for orange sunflowers, you might have your base flowers.
  • Make a Special Day More Special. Whether it is their birthday, a work anniversary, they just received a work promotion, it is the first day of summer, they are going through a difficult time go ahead and up the celebratory or commiseration ante by sending flowers to share their feelings in love and solidarity.

We at Central Square Florist would love to help you put together your floral surprise!