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Posted by Jackie Levine on February 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Flowers That Make Things Matter

We often think about how an occasion makes flowers matter (or calls for them), but what about when the reverse happens? When flowers turn something into an event? Giving it more depth and meaning than it may otherwise have had? We here at Central Square Florist have so many stories of people giving flowers for very specific occasions and reasons, personal events and moments that don’t fall into a category.

If you offer someone flowers, you’re going a long way to making that moment a real memory for them. You may also be making the moment into a new event, something you’ll celebrate from here on out, year after year. On the other hand, this might be a one-time only occasion—first corsage at the first prom, flowers for a new baby—an equally important and meaningful time to commemorate. You're My Sunshine Flowers in Boston, MA

Flowers can help anchor the time into their minds and hearts, making the moment—and you, by extension—an important part of their personal history. Flowers can matter in lots of ways, but it’s their power to create a real experience for the person who receives them that we love. To that end, we work to offer fresh blooms that will resonate across a variety of different occasions, and love the idea of many people using the same design to express different things or commemorate different occasions.