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Posted by Jackie Levine on January 2, 2017 | Last Updated: January 7, 2017 Uncategorized

Get Well Flowers and Plants

Get Well Flowers

When someone is suffering from an illness or injury, depression and anxiety are common emotions. However, the floral design experts at Central Square Florist have a beautiful antidote. A recent Harvard study determined that fresh flowers elevate happiness levels and promote a sense of well-being – so if your loved one is not feeling well, get well flowers are the perfect gift to brighten their day.

If your friend or family member is in a local hospital, you may wish to call to speak with them before deciding upon what to send. Some medical centers have begun to restrict the types of flowers and plants they will allow; either overall, or in certain areas of the building. For instance, most ICU units will not permit fresh flowers; although the maternity ward welcomes them. 

get well flowers

If fresh flowers can be sent to your patient, bright and vivid flowers are a great choice. Yellow is the traditional color of happiness and therefore is the perfect choice for get-well flowers. Pink, purple, and orange cut flowers will also add the feeling of joy and vitality that will help to keep spirits high.

Floral Etiquette: If the hospital does not allow flowers or plants in some instances (post-surgery), have a beautiful arrangement waiting for them at home as a thoughtful gesture. get well flowers

In addition to flowers, you may wish to consider green or flowering plants of all kinds. Plants help to purify the air and encourage overall good health and emotions. Not to mention, the plants will add long-lasting beauty to a home. Potted plants, flowering plants such as orchids or bromeliads, or dish gardens are all lovely gifts for someone working towards recovery. get well flowers

The professionals at Central Square Florist have worked with Cambridge and Boston area hospitals and would be happy to assist you. Get well flowers, plants or gifts – we’ll make sure that your loved one receives the most beautiful token of your care and concern. Call us today and let us help you to help them feel better!