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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: July 14, 2021 Uncategorized

Graduation Flowers and Gifts

graduation flowersCaps, gowns, diplomas and huge smiles abound this time of year. As graduation season approaches, anticipation fills the hearts of the students; just as their family and friends are filled with pride. For all the studying, late nights, and countless papers these students have poured their time and energy into, it is only fitting to show them that their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Whether they are graduating from elementary school or receiving a doctorate, a diploma is something to celebrate; and the gift of flowers is the perfect way to acknowledge their success.

graduation flowersAlthough words in a greeting card may seem cliché, you still want to communicate to your students how proud you are. Did you know that flowers speak a language all their own? By choosing flowers with inherent symbolism that is appropriate for graduation, you are not only providing a beautiful gift but a meaningful one as well. For instance, the Beauteous Celebration bouquet is a lavish bouquet perfect for a momentous occasion – lavender roses represent respect and admiration, and by simply adding some purple iris, you will give acknowledgment to their wisdom.

graduation flowersIn the United States, there are an estimated 6 million students that will walk across the stage to graduate this spring. From the Middle Ages, this has been considered a reverent occasion. As a matter of fact, the caps and gowns we still wear today can be directly correlated to that era; when the only institution of learning was the Church. The religious robes and flat clerical hats worn by students then is still a tradition today. Another tradition that never goes out of style is expressing sentiments of love and pride through floral arrangements. When honoring your graduate, roses speak volumes – use orange roses to say “I’m proud of you”; yellow roses to show esteem and pink roses to express your heartfelt admiration.

graduation flowersAt Central Square Florist, we as just as excited about celebrating accomplishments as you are! For graduations, birthdays or any other occasion that may arise this spring, our Boston floral experts can help you craft an arrangement that perfectly reflects how amazing they are.