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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 19, 2016 | Last Updated: August 27, 2016 Uncategorized

Great Gifts For College Students

gifts for college students

Your student has left for college and a new adventure has begun. Whether they are still in the greater Boston and Cambridge area or have moved further away, gifts for college students are a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them. Central Square Florist is here to help you choose the perfect gift, regardless of the personality of your student.

csIt is a rare college student who wouldn’t appreciate a gift basket overflowing with their favorite foods – whether they prefer junk food or their tastes are a little more refined. For the former, this bucket can’t contain the candy, snacks, and chips stuffed inside – all night study sessions become a whole lot easier when all this delicious food is at their fingertips.

Browse our website for additional options, such as our Fruit and Gourmet Baskets that provide healthier choices as well as savory foods great for taking a break from studying.

Green plants also make great gifts for college students, as they brighten up a dorm room and promote clean air, better concentration and increased productivity. Of course, not every college student can be expected to take care of a high-maintenance plant, so we suggest one of our unique succulent plant gardens. These amazing plants require little care but are a long lasting reminder that you are thinking of them across the miles.

Even though your student is away from home, they are still in your heart. Start a new tradition by sending gifts that remind them throughout the year of how much you love and support them. From food to get them through long nights of studying, to plants to give the dorm room a touch from home, Central Square Florist has the gifts for college students that will make them smile. Let us know how we can help.