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Posted by Jackie Levine on August 8, 2014 | Last Updated: July 16, 2021 Uncategorized

Guide to Buying Flowers for Your Sorority Crush During Rush

If you have a sorority crush, you’ll need to think about buying flowers during rush. Forgetting this step could be enough to push your crush away and ruin your chances. Buying flowers isn’t just about going through the motions, though. A gift of flowers can be a thoughtful gesture that wins over your crush. The following tips can help you make sure that your gift has the maximum effect.

Start Planning the Gift

Think about how you can make your gift special. Start by deciding on which type of flowers you want to use as a base for the arrangement. You might want to try to find out whether your crush’s sorority has an official flower, such as rose color carnations. If so, you could order a “Dance with Me” bouquet to honor her sorority’s flower and send the message that you want to dance with her.

You don’t need to purchase the sorority’s official flower, especially if you know that she likes another type of flower or you think another kind would fit her personality better. “A Perfect Day” is a joyful arrangement with lilies, roses, daises, and hydrangea.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Unless you’re an artist, don’t try to pick out flowers and arrange a bouquet on your own. After you gather a few of your own ideas for which flowers to buy, visit a local florist or go online to get professional help from a flower store. You can look at the offered bouquets and get advice about which bouquet to purchase. Make a phone call or use a live chat feature to let the florist know what you need and get suggestions for the type of primary and other flowers to include and the size of the bouquet. A vase filled with beautiful “True Blue Orchids” can win a girl over.

Don’t Forget the Other Greeks!

It may be hard to think of other girls when focusing on your crush during rush, but things may turn out better if you give a nod to the rest of the sorority. After all, your crush probably spends quite a bit of time with them, and they can have a serious influence on how your crush responds to your gestures.

When you give your gift, consider adding something for the rest of the sorority house. Colorful balloons are a fun gift that can brighten the house, and everyone loves to get chocolate. The “Harry London Chocolates“ assortment contains a variety of caramels, nougats, creams, and truffles that can gain favor with the others.

Give A Custom Sorority Design!

If you truly want to impress her, let us know the sorority she is in, and some information about the sorority and we can create a completely custom bouquet specifically for that sorority! For example, we created this custom floral arrangement for MIT’s Sigma Kappa that we feature on our website. Alumni love to receive these kinds of gifts as well!

Show a bit of thought as you plan your gift of flowers, and things are sure to go forward with your sorority crush!