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Harry London Chocolates

Central Square Florist now carries Harry London Chocolates.  We have a wonderful selection of assorted gourmet chocolates, Truffles, canisters, dark chocolate squares and dark chocolate batons.  The Chocolate is a nice add on item to any of our hand delivered flower arrangements or as a gift to take with you when you visit our store. The chocolate is available from 1.4 oz – 14 oz package and is certified Kosher.

     Here is the some background on Harry London Chocolate from the company.

     At the turn of the century, fine confections were associated with the delicate hand-craftsmanship of the Swiss, or the rich, smooth cream and butter used by the Belgians. In Canton, Ohio, unknown to the existing masters of chocolate, Gilbert London was teaching his son Harry the fine art of confections by using recipes and techniques from the family’s strong European traditions. Harry London learned over time and through the eloquent teachings of his father the true art of making fine confections. He found that in a world where more always seemed to be the norm in creating anything of wonder, the art of chocolate-making broke all traditional rules. He learned that quality was more important than quantity. Chocolate needs to be simple and pure, rich and complex, and filled with blends that are subtle…yet irresistible.Over the years, Harry London began making these delicious delicacies for his friends as holiday gifts. Friends were finding that resistance to these delights was futile. The gifts were cherished, and soon Harry was receiving requests for his fine hand-made chocolates. In 1922, Harry – a steelworker by trade – soon decided to make chocolate his life’s work and left his job at the mill. Thus, Harry London Candies was born.Through humble beginnings, where ideas are strong and passion runs through every thought one has, Harry London created a small kitchen in his home. This would be just the beginning of where the finest chocolates in the world would be created. Through the years, his family traditions and recipes are still held to exceptional standards, for only the purest ingredients are used.