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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

June Occasions Call for Roses

rosesThe red rose is one of the most popular and timeless signs of deep love, romance, and passion. From stories in antiquity to contemporary reality TV, the red rose is given as a sign of affection – and this month, we honor this luxuriant bloom with its special day. On June 12, an enthusiastic community of floral lovers across the country will celebrate this exquisite flower, giving you the perfect opportunity to send a bouquet of these classics to someone you love – just imagine their surprise when they receive red roses, and it’s not even their birthday!

rosesBut what if it is their birthday? Luckily, the rose is also the birth flower of June, and all of your loved ones celebrating this month can be the happy recipients of a gorgeous rose birthday bouquet. Of course, red is not the only color that roses are available in – they exhibit a full spectrum of beautiful colors perfect for any occasion, especially birthdays! Whether a monochromatic bouquet of yellow roses or a colorful display of many hues, your loved ones are sure to be impressed.

rosesJune is also a very popular month for weddings, and once again the rose is the star of the show. Our expert floral designers are especially fond of creating wedding bouquets that capture the elegance of your special day, and roses are a very popular choice for those arrangements. In fact, white roses were once considered the most romantic of the roses, is still considered the iconic bloom of choice for a wedding day.

rosesIf you are looking for a way to awe someone in your life this June, choose roses! Central Square Florist can arrange and deliver the most beautiful ones in Boston – who should we send them to?