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Posted by Jackie Levine on June 17, 2016 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Making Summer Memories

summer flowersAs you think of summer what kinds of memories come to mind? Maybe you have thoughts of heading out to the beach, long walks in the park, or picnics in your backyard. For many of us, the summertime is all about getting outside, spending time with loved ones, and truly enjoying ourselves. Taking it easy is not always something we’re good at as a culture, but this season we want to remind you that taking some time to just have a little fun is good for you! So this summer, let’s all make it a priority to make the most of this time and remember how special summer is.

Getting yourself a gift to kick off the season might not be your first thought, but surrounding yourself with color and beauty is a great way to bring joy and vitality to your home or office, The floral experts at Central Square Florist we have a passion for flowers, and a deep knowledge of the summer flowers that will change your décor and the ambiance of your home – while not costing a lot of money! By choosing the right summer flowers that grow in abundance this time of year, we can create gorgeous bouquets you will love.

summer flowersOne of the most popular flowers of the season is the beautiful hydrangea – and although it is often used as a backdrop to showcase other floral superstars, summer is the time for them to stand out from the crowd. Coming in a wide variety of cool colors including whites, greens, violets and blues, these blooms are light and airy; and atop your picnic tables or on your buffet stations, the hydrangea brings a soft country feel. When throwing an outdoor barbecue or dinner party, try creating a space that is entertaining and welcoming, with the seasonal hydrangea as the star.

Don’t miss out of a minute of fun this year – embrace all the summer has to offer! Stop in and speak with one of Central Square Florist’s expert floral designers, who can capture your personality and vision, and turn it into an artistic arrangement that makes for ideal summer memories.