Central Square Florist

Central Square Florist

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Out Door Chuppah

Sunday July 13, 2008 Central Square Florist provided a beautiful Chuppah for an out door ceremony that took place in the courtyard at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. The courtyard has many planters that include blooming and green plants that add to the atmosphere. While the space is open to the public viewing of the ceremony the hotel tells us that during the ceremony a hush comes over the area.

     Central Square Florist decorated the 4 poles and the top of the Chuppah with fresh greenery. Two sprays of red roses with white orchids , snap dragons and queen anne lace added some color .

chuppah (also spelled huppachupah, or chuppa – plural chuppot) is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings. It consists of a cloth or sheet — sometimes a tallit ("prayer shawl") — stretched or supported over four poles, and is sometimes held or carried by attendants to the ceremony location. It is meant to symbolize the home which the couple will build together.