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Flowers Like Precious Gems

Ever think about what your birthstone might look like in flower form? Same. We here at Central Square Florist are here to tell you, it probably looks pretty darn good. Fresh blooms come alive when they appear in rich, jewel-toned colors, in a way that those harvest hues simply can't match. And while we love the fiery, rustic palette of fall, there's absolutely nothing like a good dose of precious-gem inspired floral color to excite the senses. Not only does this palette offer an instant update to your space, but it welcomes fall in a distinctly modern way. Read More about Flowers Like Precious Gems »
Posted by Jackie Levine on September 24, 2018 Fall Flowers Flowers

Fall’s Delicious Flowers

  Central Square Florist is looking ahead to fall, which is just around the corner. This season signals change, and it's a wonderful time to change your indoor look as well. For many of us, entertaining obligations ramp up during autumn, and our space has to keep pace. We've recently unveiled our fall floral selections, and we're certain there's something to suit everyone and every scenario. Read More about Fall’s Delicious Flowers »
Posted by Jackie Levine on September 17, 2018 Fall Flowers Flowers

The Flower Stories We’ll Never Forget

Central Square Florist knows that everyone has that story about a time when flowers really mattered. Is there any other gift that makes as many appearances as flowers do during the meaningful moments of our lives? We think not, and we should know. We become involved in the most important events of our customer's lives by virtue of the fact that we provide fresh flowers, the one thing that we turn to, again and again, to express what we can't express, to cheer and congratulate, to remember and console. Today, we're sharing one customer story of how flowers and gift baskets moved her and her family deeply. Read More about The Flower Stories We’ll Never Forget »
Posted by Jackie Levine on September 3, 2018 Flowers Roses Summer Flowers

Giving Flowers Connects You To Tradition

    Central Square Florist loves a good floral tradition, and luckily, there are plenty to choose from. This September 9 happens to be Grandparents Day, a time to honor the people who may be the most responsible for passing down a strong sense of tradition to us in our lives. It's those traditions that connect us to them---the fresh cut sunflowers our grandmother always brought in from the garden, our grandfather's wedding boutonniere preserved in a keepsake box. Read More about Giving Flowers Connects You To Tradition »
Posted by Jackie Levine on August 27, 2018 Flowers Summer Flowers