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Posted by Jackie Levine on May 17, 2017 | Last Updated: May 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Patriotic Flowers for Memorial Day Remembrance

patriotic flowers

There are some days of the calendar year that carry more weight than others. On Monday, May 29, we celebrate a deeply meaningful day both for the country and for many people personally. Memorial Day asks us to pause and remember those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy.

Dating back to the Civil War, this observance is a part of the fabric of America. Central Square Florist is privileged to assist you in honoring friends and loved ones on this day. patriotic flowers
The most traditional flowers on Memorial Day include the red poppy and the gladioli. The story behind the red poppy reaches back to World War I when a Canadian officer wrote a famous poem titled “In Flanders Fields” about the bright red poppies growing between the graves of fallen soldiers, The poppy is said to signify the blood of fallen soldiers, but also new life and hope amidst the ruins. However, poppies do not do well as cut flowers, so an arrangement of gladioli may be a good alternative.

The gladiolus blooms in a rainbow of colors – including red and white, making them perfect for Memorial Day arrangements. The flowers are shaped like swords and represent the strength of character we admire.
Other flowers you may wish to consider are red roses, carnations and gerberas; white lilies, and blue delphinium,
blue hydrangea, or blue iris flowers.

If you are bringing flowers to a memorial service or grave site you have a choice of many appropriate arrangements – wreaths, standing easel sprays, urns, or baskets will all convey your esteem. If you are sending flowers to a friend or family member in remembrance of someone they loved, a more traditional bouquet or floral design would be appreciated. Simply call us for advice on either a traditional red, white & blue bouquet or an alternate design that will hold meaning for the recipient.

Whatever you choose, the honor and respect you show will be a fitting tribute for a special day. Throughout Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding areas, you can count on Central Square Florist to help you to observe all of this life’s occasions.